Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Did you feel Mercury Move?

Mercury retrograde
January 21, 10:54am EST 

We are going to get a gift this cycle and yes, I am saying gift, of a Mercury retrograde in Aquarius.  In fact within 24 hours of the New Moon, Mercury will appear to go backwards launching the first of three retrogrades in 2015.   On January 21 Mercury will go from 17 Degrees Aquarius all the way back to 1 degree of Aquarius on Feb 11 and then it will appear to turn around and head right back towards 17 degrees of Aquarius which it will hit March 3 and then add another week or two.   This is a lot of weeks of Mercury in Aquarius.   Our minds will be blown away.   If we are really getting it.   And it is not an accident, in my opinion, that this Aquarius cycle which is robust with potential will have a Mercury retrograde entirely in Aquarius.    Why isn’t Mercury retro in Cap or in Pisces?   It could have been but it is not.   Spirit in its infinite wisdom is getting our brains screwed in tight with Aquarian energy.   Watch the stuff that comes up that speaks to friends, groups, brilliance, light bulb ideas and genius.   Of course it is a retrograde so there will be missteps or hurdles with all that stuff.  Also, the less evolved side of Aquarius could be in our world or in the news.   Rebels who take pleasure in being provocateurs but set up no real reforms.   Stubbornness, rigidity of beliefs that do not serve.  People who insist ‘damn it, I’m standing my ground” even if it is stupid.   And there will be people who really do cut off their nose to spite their face.    Cuckoo crazy chaotic people and situations will show up during this Mercury in Aquarius retrograde.    If you get caught up in anyone’s cuckoo crazy, walk away.   And if you are doing any of these things or want to do it….stop it.   Find a new way to be brilliant. 

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