Thursday, January 1, 2015

Looking out on 2015 Today

Happy New Year!

I’m sure we are all grateful to say goodbye to 2014.  God, knows I am!  But those of us who are tuned to astrology know that we are in bigger cycles than just the fist day of 2015.    Let’s remind ourselves where we are in the universe right now. 

Today, we are in the middle of the Capricorn Lunar Cycle, which started ten days ago on Dec 21. 

The Cap lunar cycle is when we ask ourselves,  “Where am I in the world?”     We conserve our energy.  We conserve our resources.  We seriously ask ourselves, “Where am I wasting my time?  And my energy?”   And, “WTF why?”  We get serious about everything.    This is part of the reason why New Year resolutions are appealing at this time of year.  However, if the resolutions are not part of a bigger picture then they are just words on paper.     Let’s look at the big picture.   
In the last ten days what have you been seeing that works and does not work in your world?   What is your Inner CEO telling you about your world?    Who and what needs to be fired from your life?   Perhaps it is beliefs that needs to be fired (supported by Saturn in Sag that started last week)   Where do you need to go “Up the Ladder?”  Is it family relationships?  Is it career?  Is it your finances?  Is it your work in the world?  Is it gifts you have that aren’t being realized?    What is drawing energy away from those goals?   Cut it out.  

We are also in the Gibbous phase of the moon and we are looking how to refine our money.  How are we refining our properties?  How are we sorting through clutter?  What is of value?  What is just ‘stuff’?     How are we planting seeds in real dirt that will grow real roots?    In a few days we will be in Full Moon which will also tell us more about what is working and not working.   Check here for that posting in a couple days. 

We are also in the third quarter phase of the solar year.   
Last year on March 30 we launched the Aries New Moon and theNew Solar Year.    During that time we made Treasure Maps.   We harnessed the energy of the cycle to set goals for the year.   That is the real New Year!    We planted seeds.    We allowed ourselves to set our sights on the world and consider what we wanted.   Now today we have completed three quarters of the year.  We have three more months until the next Aries New Moon (April 18).   Now would be a perfect time to look at the Treasure Map and see what has manifested since last March.  Show gratitude.    What has not manifested?  We thicken our skins and not take things personally.  If stuff from the map has not manifested then we dust ourselves off and continue to do the work to support that goal.  We remain courageous that our goals can still show up.    And we also are honest and ask ourselves “Have I outgrown some goals?”   If so then we let it go.    
We also start the big purge now.     Between now and the next Aries new moon in April we start to get rid of stuff.   If we have clutter in our house, we begin to get rid of it.   We clean out drawers.  We get rid of broken items.  Why on gods green earth do we have crappy towels and sheets in our house?  Or similar broken down crap?  Get rid of them.   Take the next three months to get rid of all the broken down stupid stuff that has no business being in your life.  You don’t need to do it all today or even this month.   Do this in bit by bit so that by the time you get to April 18th your world will be clean and clear and ready to build your new Treasure Map.  

We are also in window for the final square between Uranus and Pluto. 
This bumpy journey started in 2012 and we are going to wrap it up in March.   Look at your life and ask about the tensions and changes that have been made since Uranus started squaring Pluto with the following exact dates:  
June 24, 2012
September 18, 2012
May 20, 2013
Nov 1, 2013
April 21, 2014
December 14, 2014 

And now the final push by these two cuckoo control freak planets takes place on March 16.   Look at those dates. See what was going on with your world?  How did the world pressure you to make important changes?    This is revolution versus evolution.   You wanted to just shake everything up and ‘change it’ but perhaps you needed to slow down and ‘evolve’ out of it.    What evolutions have taken place in your world since June 2012?   What movements still need to manifest between now and March?      Take a moment to breathe.  We have all been through a lot since 2012.     Let’s be appreciative and know that we are not done yet! 

Lots to ponder this January 1st.   
May your year be bold and loving and joyful, abundant and healthy!  

Happy New Year! 



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