Monday, January 19, 2015

Aquarius New Moon -- The Zero One

The Aquarius New Moon is on Tuesday January 20 at 8:13am EST.  

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January 20, 2015 
8:13am EST
0 Aquarius 08

Welcome to Aquarius.

It is time for us to embrace this last air sign of the zodiac.  Big time.   So seriously, ……Welcome to Aquarius. 

We are having our fourth new moon in a row at zero degrees (and change).  Since October the new moon energy starts from the beginning of its sign and every day of the 28-Day lunar cycle.    So, now we are getting our Aquarius on.  We all need it.   And the next two new moons will be at 29 degrees and change putting it right back close to zero.  This will end up being six months of auspicious lunar cycles.   None of us should be asleep at the wheel.   

Aquarius is the eleventh sign (out of twelve) and the final air sign.    Gemini and Libra are the other two air signs and they speak to how we think & communicate and how we relate to one another.   But with Aquarius the relating and the thinking is bigger, broader than you and I chit chatting.    Case in point, Aquarius rules electricity, radio and television, computers and the Internet.   Think about that connection.   If there was no Aquarius you would not be reading this article right now.    You would have to go to your bookstore and get an astrology magazine to read a New Moon article (Gemini) or you would set up an appointment with an astrologer for one on one (Libra) insights.      But with the Internet, information is available to you, thousands of years of research is at your fingertips.     Millions of people all over the world have insights, information, data that you, I and everyone else can access in two seconds.   That is Aquarius.   

Aquarius is brilliant, genius, eccentric, innovative, odd and above all not afraid to be his own person.   Yes, Aquarius energy can be rebellious for no other reason than to be rebellious.   But let’s not focus on the rebels without a cause.  Let’s go deeper.

Have you ever had a brilliant idea?   Did you discard it?    Have you ever had a genius moment?    Did you discard it?  Have you ever had an innovative moment?  Did you blow it off?    Have you connected with a group of people and felt completely uplifted because you were all on the same page?  And then did you walk away from that group and that feeling and marginalize it as ‘really no big deal’?     

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  2. I'm an Moon aqarius. I traveled when young quite a bit, now in older age I don't care much about it. I'm definitely not a homebody though. I'm not into much technology, at all. A bit of a rebel I suppose, standing up for what I see as 'right', but I have Uranus in the 10th.