Friday, May 9, 2014

Yeah---what was that about?

I'm not sure what was going on this week but man it was tough at times.   For some, a total ball in the face.  For others just a lot of frustration.

It seems the energy was centered on Wednesday when the moon was in Leo.   We were in the First Quarter Moon which can be tense.   Of course twice a month the moon is in square to Saturn but only twice a year do we get a lunar square to Saturn during a first quarter moon.  

Of course we are still working out the cardinal crosses but now as they lessen, perhaps Saturn energy is coming up for air?   Or if you prefer,  there is a real asshole at a party but everyone else at the party is so damn loud and drunk it is hard to hear the asshole, right?   Well, now that the cardinal energy (loud drunk partiers) is not as loud---we get to go back to dealing with somber assy Saturn.  

Saturn in Scorpio is death and rebirth, death and rebirth, death and rebirth.  And repeat.
Where are we vulnerable?  Where are we deep?  How do others react when we show our depth?  How about when we show our power?
How are we empowered?   How do we ditch plan A and go to plan B?  Why do we do it?   Oh, yeah we do it because we are empowered and passionate and we do it for our survival.


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