Monday, February 8, 2021

Saturn Square Uranus Round 1 - Feb 17


By far the biggest tension this year will be Saturn Square Uranus during all 2021.    The great restriction meets up with the great rebel.    There will be forces trying to contain (Saturn) and while that is going on other energies will be demanding revolution (Uranus).  Conserving versus progressing please note these are verbs not nouns.   Saturn in Aquarius can be pretty cold and as soon as it went into the sign, we all had to shelter in place.   Zooms are very Uranus, which is the planet of new technology.  Zooming where we live is very Taurus which likes the creature comforts of home.  Experts at the writing of this report suggest that Covid is here for most of 2021 with perhaps some relief in the fall.  The tension of these two planets could speak to the restlessness and tension as we remain housebound.   Those who appear careless about important issues  will not be well received and especially charged up around the Saturn/Uranus dates.   During the last Uranus in Taurus (1930s) boundaries of nations changed.  There were mass migrations some of it weather related.    Global warming and extreme weather could be pronounced in 2021.  The dustbowl took place in the last Uranus in Taurus.  And of course, there are economic challenges.   Many of us will be asked to show up in a practical way for others.   Business and government will need to be on the correct side of solutions this year.   The challenge for everyone is to remember the human being.   Many will be ditched by new technology. We will need to be innovative to make sure there are solutions for everyone.     These are the three Saturn/Uranus dates in 2021: 


Saturn square Uranus  - Feb 17 

Saturn square Uranus – June 14

Saturn square Uranus – Dec 23 


  1. Plavalni učitelj mi ga je drkal v termah na Ptuju - ALN -145.

  2. Na erotični masaži v Spodnjem Dupleku - ALN 196.

  3. Rojena moja največja ljubezen na ALN -149 in prav ta ljubezen mi je prvič videla luleka v prvi minuti v ALN 201, jaz pa njej nikoli ne bom videl lulike. Ona ve kakega luleka imam jaz, jaz pa ne vem kako luliko ima ona.

  4. Prvič sem šel v Banovce na FKK (ALN 187).