Tuesday, February 16, 2021

Mercury Station Direct Feb 20


Mercury Station Direct 

Feb 20, 2021 

4:51pm PST 


Our first Mercury retrograde of 2021 wraps up on Feb 20.   Gee, Mercury has been retrograded?  I hadn’t  notice.   I joke, of course.  I had many conversations with friends and loved ones experiencing miscommunication, deliveries gone awry and technology collapsing in front of them.  It has been a pure Mercury in Aquarius retrograde, for sure.    I note that these final days of Mercury in Aquarius retrograde that the electric grid in Texas failed many Texans.   I am sure people will be asking a lot of questions not just on a personal level but as a community when they do an autopsy on that failure given Aquarius rules electricity and community efforts.  


These Mercury retrogrades in 2021 are all taking place in air signs so they may not bring out tons of tears but more mental angst.  We should feel some  anxiety lessen as the retrograde wraps.  It is worth looking at the dates of the retrograde and asking some questions about what we have learned.   


January 15 Mercury enters shadow 

January 30 Mercury station retrograde 26 Aquarius 29

February 20 Mercury station direct  11 Aquarius 01

March 12 Mercury exits shadow 

How has my communication with others been elevated?   What re-tooling am I doing with others around shared goals?    How has my communication helped others shine?  How has my thinking about being a part of a group or community changed?   How have I connected to community in the last three weeks?   Have I needed new circles?  Have new circles needed me?   Where have I let my weird shine?  What brilliant idea came up in me?  How have I found a shiny new idea in me?   Where did I let myself down because of out dated thinking?   How have I been a good friend?   How has someone else been a good friend? How can I make improvements in my thinking based on what I have learned in the last three weeks?   

Enjoy Mercury stationing direct.     It is safe to breathe again.  

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