Monday, February 8, 2021

Six Planets in Aquarius Feb 9-11 PST


Feb 9  5:20pm - Feb 11 11:23pm PST  

This week has a remarkable two-day window.   

Between Feb 9-11 the Sun, the Moon, Mercury, Venus, Jupiter, Saturn are all in Aquarius.  I technically cannot remember the time that these many planets (called a stellium) were in Aquarius since I was a small kid. The last time we had this stellium was in 1962, a nice write up by Lynn Hayes - Aquarius planets 1962.     


The planets have been slowly loading up in Aquarius since December, bit by bit entering the sign that connects us to:



Innovation- both in thinking and technology

Social Media

Finding like-minded goals

Independent thinking 



Eccentric perhaps odd 




Some of us may already be feeling our compass turn inside of our bodies and psyches pointing us to a meatier experience out of our community.    Questions could be popping up such as:

How can I be more helpful in my community?

Can I work with others for a new solution to issues? 

What do I want out of social media? 

Is it time for me to replace some outdated equipment? 

Is it time for me to get past my fear of new technology?

Where is my oddness?  

Is it time to let my weirdness guide me?

Where do I need novel thinking? 

Is it time to mix up my friendships?  Put some on the back burner bring others more in focus. 

When is the last time I really dug into intellectual pursuits?  Is it time to get on it? 


Obviously, these are big questions and the will not all get their answers in a 48-hour window.  However, it is the actual stimulation of them all coming together which is a new moon (separate write up) is what is significant.  The first switch turned to on at the Jupiter Saturn conjunction in Aquarius on December 21, this New Moon with 6 planets in Aquarius is double downing our Aquarian energy.   Given the rough year we had in 2020, this stellium of planets is a mental palate cleanser that should be well received.    Be inspired.   See what comes up for you and if it feels intellectually fresh and brings out the humanitarian in you, well, it seems you are connecting to Aquarius.   Good job. 




  1. Šel sem po ovčetino v Jakobski dol (ALN 224).

  2. Šel sem na jagnjetino in kozličevino na ovčji in kozji bal pri gradu Borl v Vzhodnih Halozah (ALN 225 in ALN 238).