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Virgo Full Moon - Feb 27

Dory from Nemo.  

Virgo Full Moon

Feb 27,2021 

12:17am PST 

8 Virgo 57 



In general, the full moons in Virgo are wonky three-day windows.  It is not that they are problematic or full of drama, but more that Virgo Full Moons can stoke our insecurity.    We look at others and situations and see all the problems.   Or we look at ourselves and feel ‘less than’.   Virgo who is always in search of perfect can bring our most critical eye.  It is a great moon to tackle tasks and fix stuff.  But we have to be careful that critical eye does not cloud our judgement.   As the expression goes, “Don’t let the perfect get in the way of the good.”  


So, what is the solution?   Like all full moons we turn to the opposite side of the teeter totter which on Virgo Full Moons means we turn to the  Pisces Sun for guidance.     The Sun in Pisces helps us tap into something bigger than our flaws.  When we are really rattled and super critical and anxious, we should find our intuition.  Or creativity. Or find humanity.  Or find prayer.    In short, on Virgo full moon we are reminded that there is something bigger out there than our to-do list.       


The chart for this Full Moon has the tightest aspect between the Sun & Moon with Saturn (semi sextile and inconjunct) followed by the aspect of Sun & Moon with Uranus (sextile and Trine) at less than two degrees.    This is most curious since Saturn and Uranus just wrapped up their tense square aspect last week.  The Saturn square Uranus aspects will occur two more times this year and it is the signature aspect of the year.    The first-round last week was a bit of an assault on the senses.   Ask anyone in Texas about their electrical grid (Saturn in Aquarius- which rules electricity).     On the personal level take a look at where you felt your inner grid collapse?   Where did you feel your energy leave you or short out?   What hurdles showed up?  Do you have more insight on your responsibilities?  Or do you know more about what is not your responsibility?    What I find to be quite remarkable is that this powerful Saturn square Uranus aspect for 2021 is followed so quickly by a full moon where both Sun and Moon are making tight aspects with...drum roll... Saturn and Uranus.   What are the odds?   Evidently, the universe seems to think we need to find our way with both Saturn and Uranus on this full moon.  


When I was a kid, my friends and I would go to a public Olympic size pool and try to swim to the deepest part with the only goal to touch the bottom with our hands.   I believe I was successful once and felt challenged since my friends were better swimmers than me, but it didn’t stop me from trying every time I went swimming in that huge pool.   I think of that act when I consider Sun in Pisces, Moon in Virgo full moon.  The desire to want something concrete, an easy identified task to do, insecurity if it can be done while being in an opposite of a concrete environment.     And of course, Pisces is a water sign which speaks to swimming.  


Where will we be swimming on this full moon?    What are our tasks?   It could be anywhere and anything, but Saturn speaks to responsibility.  Some things demand we step up or since Saturn also cuts down, some things are not our responsibility.   The Aquarius  suggests we may need the help of our community.    Or perhaps we will have a task that will help the community.   We could seek like- minded ideal help or  brainstorming solutions with friends.  Uranus in Taurus could provide unique assistance that is practical but could come from out of the blue.   This full moon could find you bumping into something weird that is helpful and may provide useful later in 2021.      The challenge on this three-day cycle is that there is also a thread of impulsivity  (moon quincunx Uranus) which could amplify provocative behaviors.   Take note of  someone acting ‘crazy’.   Be mindful of the narrator's state of mind and as always, get silent and meditate if things seem too confusing.   


One gift to the whole full moon chart is Venus on the Sun opposing moon.  There is a patina of gentleness and kindness that should soften the harsher criticalness of Virgo.   We may connect with others through love, beauty and shared values.   


Finally, if things get tense, one thing that will also help is put on music and dance or get lost in a good movie as these are Pisces’ long suits.  Replenish the psyche and soul when the task seems daunting.    And remember, just keep on swimming.  

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