Tuesday, February 16, 2021

Astrology This Week: Feb 15 - 20


Week of February 15 – February 20 



This week is the first round of the only major aspect for 2021.  Saturn square Uranus  which occurs three times:  Feb 17, June 14 and Dec 23.    This aspect set up constraints and lessons.  It is not a feel-good aspect by any definition.   There are those who will want to lay down the law or snip power and there will be others who will bristle at being told what to do.   How these manifests, is still unclear but we know it involves humans coming together (Aquarius) and among others, money, things that are owned, real estate and established practices (Taurus).   Two weeks ago  when the Reddit day traders decided to take on investors who were shorting the stock Game Stop and caused major losses for big hedge funds,  my friend Ann called me up and said, “Well that’s perfect Saturn square Uranus.”  I agreed.     A few days later a woman in Myanmar, who is a gym teacher set up her usual aerobics class and videotaped it unaware there was a coup taking place behind her.    It was all insane and unpredictable which are perfectly Uranus and Aquarius.   We are in cuckoo days.  Got it. 



On February 20 Mercury will station direct.    There should be relief for those of us who have felt misunderstood or we misunderstood what was told to us.    Technological mishaps were everywhere for some of us.  We should see some issues that have been total haywire straighten out once Mercury station direct.   Celebrate by hugging that friend or friends that helped you get through the last three weeks---Make it a Zoom hug.  


Lunar phases this week: 



Crescent Moon Phase

Feb 15,  2021

7:39 am PST  


Focus on: What are learning about your ability to be independent?  What are you learning about going your own way?  What are you learning about the power of pursuing something new?  What are you learning about your self-starting abilities? 



Special Focus

2/17: Saturn square Uranus (See Above)



First Quarter Moon 

Feb 19, 2021 

10:47am PST 



Focus on:  What actions are you taking that speak to your communication abilities?  What actions are you taking that engage community and neighbors?  What actions are you taking that interface with siblings?  How are your actions mixing it up bringing in new information? 



Special Note

2/19:  Venus square Mars.  Love of humans versus love of money.  Anger around money and values?  Breakthroughs may be needed.

2/20: Mercury stations direct motion 4:51pm PST 11 Aquarius 01 (See above)


  1. Bil sem v Slovenski vojski na Ptuju od ALN -44 pa do ALN -37.

  2. Kaj pomeni beseda joga?


  3. Naša črna muca Maca je prišla k nam v ALN 41, izginila neznano kam v ALN 255.

    Hvala ti Maca, da si bila pri nas polnih 214 lunarnih mesecev. Neizmerno te pogrešamo, ko te več nimamo. Radi te imamo kljub temu.