Monday, February 8, 2021

Aquarius New Moon - Feb 11 - Your Place In Community


Image from Mythic Decor 

New Moon 
23 Aquarius 17
Feb 11, 2021 
11:05am PST 

The Aquarius New Moon launches on Feb 11 in the middle of a six planet stellium in Aquarius that has not happened since Feb 5, 1962.   Of course, because we still continue to be in the era of unprecedented.   

You will find my article (as always) on Margaret Wendt website

May you start to find your community.   It is probably changing a bit. 


  1. ALN - Amando ljubim najbolj.

  2. Izginila črna muca Maca dne 3.decembra 2020 - ALN 255.

  3. ALN - MALNA - Srednji del besede. Zaselek Malna je v občini Jurovski dol.

  4. Gaj je kraj, ki je za ovce in za jagnjetino pravi raj.

  5. Gola Kim z ritko - ALN 231.