Friday, January 20, 2012

Sun enters Aquarius

Today the Sun moves into Aquarius at 11:10 am EST.

Things are about to get weird. "Huh? I thought things were weird enough."
Yeah, me too but now we are in a cycle where people are fighting to be independent and unique but at the same time be a part of a larger group.

Status quo will be turned on its side, a lot like an Italian cruise ship off the coast of Tuscany.

If you have any Aquarians you know they are very intellectual, often iconoclastic, chilly and even when they are having a big emotional outburst they are quick to rationalize it. "Intellect over emotions" is their motto and when they break it they are so darn mad at themselves. We should expect some curious moment in the next month.

Anyway, the new moon is on Monday and I hope to have it up this weekend.
More to come.

In the meantime take your Aquarian out for a hike and talk about smart stuff.

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