Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Los Angeles Arson Fires

We have discussed before that it is not just people who have astrological charts. We can draft a chart for a city or a business or partnerships, if there is an official 'start' date we can draft a chart.

Astrologers have been known to use two charts for Los Angeles. The first one is dated September 4, 1781 when 14 families and the Spanish Governor dedicated the town next to the river, "The Town of the Queen of Angels."

The next chart drafted was after California left Spain, after the Mexican American war and after California joined the US. That date is April 4, 1850 when the town officially incorporated. At the time it had a population of about 1500 people but the map of the area is a map that most Angelenos would recognize as the bones of the city that would later flesh out in the following decades and century.

I will be honest and say I can see both charts working for Los Angeles. What is noteable is Aries. With the Virgo date in 1781, the Moon is in Aries. And with the 1850 date, the Sun is in Aries (along with four other planets), no surprise that this is a city that frequently has to battle brush fires! But lately, I am more inclined to go with the Aries chart. Especially, after five days of a arsonist wrecking havok in the city. My husband and I woke up in the middle of the night each night since Friday to continuous and eerie fire truck sirens. Way to bring in the new year. Sigh.

Of course, Uranus the planet of odd and strange and 'revolutions' is marching through the stellium (group) of Aries planets. And is right now near Mercury's April 1850 placement. The arsonist was arrested yesterday and I found this quote interestingly--"Uranus".

The suspect was sitting in the back of a squad car at Sunset Boulevard and Fairfax Avenue.

A small group of bystanders gave him the middle finger — and he returned the gesture with a smile, according to one witness.

"It was creepy," said Rick Savage, a music producer.

Last night the suspect spent the night in jail and we had no fires---They probably have their man. His motive? He is angry with America, in particular something to do with his mother being asked to leave the US. Twisted loyalty by a creepy son, trying to get a message out? Oh, sounds like Uranus conjuct Mercury to me. And how perfect for LA's Moon in Capricorn with Pluto not too far away.

Anyway, the 1850 chart loaded with Aries planets has got my attention. Uranus will be marching over all these planets in the next few years along with squares from Pluto. It is going to get bummpy. For all you who live here by the way, "get earthquake insurance."


  1. Hello Tracy,

    The Dec. 10 lunar eclipse chart for LA has the Moon's Nodes almost exactly on the horizon square Mars, and Uranus conjunct the IC-4th house cusp. Fits these fires, I think.


  2. Danka, David. Yes... especially the IC-4th. A twisted Mom & Son for sure.