Friday, January 6, 2012

The Hot Zone points of 2012

Periodically I check in with you guys to make sure that you are up to speed on the 'hot zones' for the year. In 2012 those individuals with planets between zero and nine degrees of Aries, Cancer, Libra & Capricorn will be feeling Uranus most of the year.

Uranus is not easy, he comes in from out of the blue and delivers something for us to deal with that is challenging. He doesn't do it to be mean. It is just Uranus values a good 'shake up'. Once we get through the process we will usually see the benefit and can turn it into a plus. The key to Uranus aspect is we have to be willing to go with the flow. If we hang on too hard then the gift of Uranus is lost on us and then we are at war. But how do you go to war with an Earthquake? How do you go to war with electricity? How do you go to war with lightening? I say that meaning, how do you dig in and go up against something that is beyond your grasp?

I have a friend with a Moon at early degree Capricorn and she recently found herself totally unexpectedly in a life and death situation. It was not her life but someone she was trying to help. It shook her to her core. This is Uranus.

One minute we are doing one thing and then the next minute we are doing something completely unexpectedly. Last year I was sitting with a friend at a restaurant and a man with a gun unexpectedly showed up on the sidewalk waving it about like a crazy person (I suspect drug induced). Next thing you knew my friend and I were running to the back of the outside patio. My Ascendant is early Aries and my friend I was sitting with is a Libra. Ah, Uranus (who was poking around in Aries last year).

Now all of us, my Cap Moon friend, my Libra friend and myself did not have anything happen to our physical selves but our mettel was tested at that moment. I realized that I'm pretty good on my feet and in one split second knew exactly what to do. Yeah! Survival Instinct works!! I didn't sit there and think, "Why is this happening?" "I didn't dig in and say, "Hey, I just got served chai tea I'm not leaving it." I didn't fight it, I just did the best I could at that moment and learned something about myself. I also was grateful that police showed up quickly.

My Cap Moon friend is learning that the internal voice in her is strong and she must always follow it. Prior to this incident she was starting to doubting it but now she is more committed than ever to following her strong inner voice.

By the way, I know I used dramatic examples but Uranus does not always mean life and death or guys with guns, it just is a shake up. But remember on the other side there is something for you to value.

By the way, for those of you with zero to nine degrees of Leo and Sag will be getting a positive aspect from Uranus. Changes that are welcomed and needed! They are coming to you. And an occasional lottery ticket purchase would not hurt.


The other set of degree points to watch are six degrees to ten degrees of Aries, Cancer, Libra and Capricorn. Huh, why those signs again? Because not only is Uranus impacting these signs, Pluto is also in the mix.

Uranus shakes us up like an internal revolution. Pluto pushes us to evole. Revolution versus Evolution. As you can see there are some people who are getting both.

You have already been feeling Pluto. It starts as a little feeling inside you. For example you feel drawn to visit a town. After going to that town you realize that you could live there. Or you get a prompt to sell something that no longer resonates with you. Or you just start to jettison people, beliefs, idea, opinions, ways of being. You are shedding. But like Uranus, if you resist changing, shedding--changing, then you are in for problems. You must let go and be open. Do not personalize any of it, just be willing to go through it. Pluto rules volcanoes and under you is this new you trying to come out and flow. Some might get burned by your lava but if you do it slowly you will give everyone fair notice. Including yourself!

Those of you with six to ten degrees of Taurus and Virgo are also feeling the relief of Pluto. Clouds are lifting and there is a new light. Some good is coming, slowly but you can feel it.


Twenty nine degrees of Aquarius, Taurus, Leo and Scorpio along with one and two degrees of Gemini, Virgo & Sag are getting Neptune up their grill. Neptune dissolves things and makes us feel like we are in another world. Dorothy entered Oz not through a tornado but through an aspect with Neptune. You have been feeling this for awhile but there is more of it in 2012. You lay out a plan and think you have got it all figured out and suddenly it morphs. Sigh. Again, back off from your rigid plans and ideas, let things fall away, you will get to a real spot eventually and more to the point you are digging in deep and finding your strong inner intuitive voice. It will speak to you and by the end of this transit you won't blow it off. Your spiritual side is gaining access over your intellect. And for you, Geminis and Virgos this is always a bit tricky!

However, you with twenty nine degrees of Libra and Gemini should be enjoying the mystical element of Neptune. You can see that there is a reason for everything and it fits a bigger picture. You are feeling solid in your skin as you dream yourself into reality. Hurray.


If you don't know your chart go HERE.


Also for more on outer planet transits, I found Sagittarian Mind's blog on Elsa's dispatch and he did a very, very lovely write up about letting go while we process the outer planets. I give it a thumbs up.

Sagittarian Mind.

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  1. My Moon is at zero Gemini, and you are right on about what that Neptune square feels like. I've been wondering why I bother trying to make plans at all! otoh, I've been seeing such beauty in nature, and able to enjoy it in a deeply dreamy way, and also getting pleasantly caught up in some great stories. I'm mostly enjoying it.