Sunday, January 22, 2012

The Titantic & Costa Concordia

Of course, comparisons have been made between the recent sinking of the cruise ship Costa Concordia and the biggest dunk of all, The Titanic.

I haven't looked at the Titanic chart in years but had this vague memory of a Moon in Capricorn. Something about the iceberg locked Capricorn in my brain.

Many have written about the astrology of the chart and in fact I found a nice write up Aquarian Zone.

And then in an earlier posting I linked to a great write up on the Costa Concordia astro chart on The chart for the Titanic is tougher (actually neither are good) but that makes sense, not just because more people died on the Titanic but also was it said. The class system on the ship spoke of the time. Working class were on the bottom levels and didn't have a fighting chance. Women and children of the upper class made it into life rafts (or at least more of them). The press had a field day on the class system. And what it said so early into the 20th century about England and the world in general.

Now, with Costa the failings of a class systemm have been replaced with the failings of a broken business model. Underpaid staff, sloppy leadership and a huge ego at the helm. What does it say for our times at the beginning of the 21st century?

of course Neptune's move into Pisces where it will stay until 2026 is perfect as we cross the 100th anniversary of the HMS Titanic.

By the way, I did see somewhere that a grandchild of a Titantic survivor was on the Costa. Wow.

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