Sunday, January 29, 2012

The Week Ahead

First Quarter Moon
January 30, 11:09pm

First quarter: We do more actions based on the information that we just received. Or we feel our instincts guide us on something. We pursue again. We make another call or we see someone. We mail something. We stir the pot again. This can be a time when we realize that the goals we planted on New need more action from us, perhaps actions that involve breaking away. Are there people who say they have our best interest in heart but fear us growing away from them? Maybe we need to get help from others not the usual suspects. Some independence may need to be exerted.

Focus on: What actions can you take right now that are practical and Earthbound that support your UNIQUE nature? And how can those actions build upon the vision of your new world. What actions are you willing to take that break with the past? What heavy lifting can you do now that puts you with people who have the same vision as you? How does doing things alone NOT work for you? What changes can you make that support you being with others while still being unique. Practical, tangible changes.

Special focus:
2/1: Values and actions are not in synch. Tension in love and money.
2/3: Neptune enters Pisces

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