Wednesday, January 4, 2012

The Times We Live : Suing Honda

I heard about a story yesterday and thought, "Yep, those are the astrological times we live in."

A woman in California bought a Honda Hybrid in 2006. The sticker claimed the car would deliver 50mph. She never got close to 50mph and is now barely getting 30mph. The woman frustrated chose to skip a class action suit against Honda where she would be lumped with thousands of others. Instead, she went to small claims court. She is suing for 10,000.

Can you feel the Uranus in Aries? One person (Aries) taking a unique (Uranus) challenging (Aries) position?

If she is successful there are 200,000 other Hondahybrid owners who could be next. That could cost 3 billion---and that would speak to the Pluto in Cap square Uranus. People are just sick and tired of stuff not working and they are going to do something about it.

BTW: Interesting it is happening in Los Angeles. Is that Uranus conjunct Mercury? (earlier post) Maybe. We'll see.

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