Monday, January 30, 2012

Tiger Mother Astrology Take

I saw on Elsa's dispatch a link to Oxford Astrologer and an article about Amy Chua self described Tiger Mother and author.

It is thoughtful article and points out the ego drive in Amy's astrology chart.

Go to link for whole article.

As an indulgent, child-worshipping Western mother, the Tiger Mom thing really gets up my nose.

In case you missed it, (which I'm sure you didn't), last year a law professor at Yale published a book explaining how she was a brilliant mother as well as a fabulously successful academic. I expect she can cook and do really athletic stuff in the sack too. Oh well.

The premise of Battle Hymn of the Tiger Mother is that strict Chinese-style parenting is much better than namby-pamby Western parenting.

The book is a memoir by Amy Chua of how she brought up her two daughters with no playdates, no sleep-overs and two hours instrument practice a day. Since so many parents already seem to schedule their children up the wazoo (French lessons, band practice, therapy) – and then put them on prescription drugs if they don't conform – I really hope we don't start taking this shite seriously.

Time is unknown
So I thought it would be fun to see where Amy Chua's Ceres, the planet of motherhood, fits into her natal chart. I have her birthdate but not her time of birth – still it made me laugh.

Ceres is in Leo in an out of sign opposition to Jupiter in Pisces. Maybe that's a very big need to show off about being a mother. Leo is all about the performance, and at its lowest extremely self-centred.

When asked to discuss the book Chua's daughter said: “I’m sure it’s all about you anyway.”

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