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On Aquarius New Moon which was a little over a week ago, Mars turned retrograde in the sign Virgo. I mentioned in my New Moon article (see earlier post) that this was an auspicious move by Mars. Not because he is retrograde, that happens about every 18 months, but more to the point that he made the move on New Moon. Remember, things that happen on New Moon tend to color the whole month. I can tell you right now I am totally feeling Mars and I think the rest of you are feeling it as well.

I have spoken on various websites where I visit that there are a lot of grumpy sobs making themselves known (miserably). And people who may have seemed perfectly reasonable have been imploding left and right like road side bombs. And god help us if any of us have people in our lives that are a little unhinged on normal days, they have been exploding like Krakatoa. I started to track the temper tantrums and personality implosions to mid November which coincidentally (if I believed in them) is when Mars moved into Virgo. December and January continued to showcase the nutjob personalities and now with it retrograde it continues.

Of course, it does not have to be this way with Mars retro in Virgo. In fact this could be an amazingly productive period for all us. Remember, Mars is normally in a sign for only 6 to 8 weeks but now we have that weird period when Mars is in a sign way longer than that. In fact, Mars will be in Virgo until July which rounds up to about 6 or 7 months. Well, let's use this period to our full advantage.

Virgo rules your calendar. Mars is a warrior, for god sake put some chores on your calendar every month that you have been 'wanting' to do for a long time. Put one or two of the big things on your To-Do list each month.

Virgo rules daily health and hygiene. Now would be an excellent time to buy a calorie counter Application and put it on your phone. Or go old school and get journal book. Write down every day the calorie intake of your food. And going back to your calendar, put down a trip to the gym or another physical activity. If you are already doing a strong workout then MIX it up. If you have been doing the same routine for the last year or so, now with Mars in Virgo change out that workout. Your body is too used to the routine by mixing it up you will get it to work more strategically.

Virgo rules trips to the doctors. What's going on with all your doctor appointments? Have you been putting off the dentist? The gyno? The prostate? The colonoscopy? Nutritionist?

And what about massages? If you have been skipping them for finances or time, stop it now. Give yourself a massage appointment at least once a month until July. You have no idea what you are missing. You think it is a luxury but it is not. The stresses we are all going through are impossible to gauge but lets face it your body is feeling it. And you know it.

And then there is the clutter in your house. Oh, god, I know this one personally, actually I know all of the above but this is one that is certainly going to be addressed soon by me. That cluttered shelf needs to be cleared. Or if your house is in good shape, what about that drawer at work? Or that drawer in your kitchen? And what about the clutter in your mind and your psyche? Are you obsessed with your effed up childhood? Or lame love life? Or crazy sibling? Crazy child? Crazy parent? Do what you can do to help--within reason. Then let it go. For heaven sake join or the like, tell your sister she has to figure out a way out of her mess without your help. Ignore your father when he says yet another stupid comment. Don't engage. Go to the spa and get that massage I just talked about.

I am the first to tell you that Virgo is not always a comfortable sign for Sagittarius. Heavens know I get worked up when Virgo friends demand that I focus on some micro business and I sit there and think, "You are missing the big picture!" But having said that, I am looking forward to using Mars in Virgo to the nth degree. I believe it is here for a reason. Heaven knows we have got a lot of tension every day between now and June as Uranus and Pluto start to do battle, perhaps little ol' warrior Mars in Virgo is our ticket to sanity.

Fight the right battle and you'll be okay.

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