Monday, February 27, 2012

And the Oscar goes to ....Neptune

Last year when Neptune visited Pisces briefly and then when it turned direct last fall after a summer of retrograde, I mentioned that cinema and film making in general would undoubtedly be influenced by Neptune's move into Pisces. No surprise during the Oscar season that "Hugo" and "The Artist" movies which celebrate the early days of film were fan and critic favorites. And then last night both received an abundant of Oscars.

Neptune stays in a sign for a very long time, and what movies come out of the cycle in the beginning of the transit will have morphed by the end of the transit. For example let's look at the Neptune in Sagittarius period.

Neptune was in Sagittarius between 1970-1984: Of course the 70's were seminal years for movies. Godfather, Jaws, Star Wars, the French Connection, Chinatown, Rocky, Network, Annie Hall, Raging Bull and then in the early 80's things started to change with for example huge mega hits E.T. and Raiders of the Lost Arc.

And if we go back further, during the late 1950's and all through the 1960's Neptune was in Scorpio and we had big ol' traditional type films, in particular adaptations of proven hits either via books or stage such as Dr. Zhivago, West Side Story, Sound of Music, Romeo and Juliet, but then near the end of the 60's, Bonnie and Clyde, The Graduate, and Midnight Cowboy were starting to emphasize a more independent style in films. Naturally, sex, drugs and the more Scorpio side of life were highlighted.

So, how movies start off now at the beginning of Neptune in Pisces will be much different by the time we end in 2025.

But right now the Oscar goes to Neptune! Especially given the dates of the Oscar telecasts for the next few years will take place with Sun conjunct Neptune!

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