Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Happy V Day!

February 14

You know what this day is all about. Lots of pink cards, candies, flowers, a whole lotta noise for a day that we really don't know quite understand the root. Something to do with Rome. How that something which scholars believe began with Christians martyred and a Saint named Valentine turned into a highly profitable day for Hallmark and Godiva will never exactly be understood by at least me.

Nonetheless, here we are celebrating this day.

The moon is in Scorpio in the morning and early afternoon and spends the day pretty much in a bitch fight with the sun in Aquarius. The Sun in Aquarius likes to love people and humanity where the Moon in Scorpio wants to love one person and hold on to them and control them until they have completely submitted. If you need a visual think of a child holding a small kitten, "You will love me or else." Doesn't quite fit with Aquarius, "Love everyone, Peace, man".

Don't be surprised if today and I'm not talking about your love life, just life in general if some people hold on to control. "Not my job, don't saddle me with that" versus others who say, "Come on we need someone to step up for the good of the group."

Luckily, by the end of the day the Moon will have moved into Sag and in a nice angle with Uranus. Everyone should feel a lot looser. And probably will imbibe. Can't say Sag without a little drinkeepoo.

Whatever you chose to do, I wish you a loving day. And if things get tough, please laugh. At least you are not being martyred by a bunch of pissed off Romans.


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