Saturday, February 4, 2012

Leo Full Moon

Full Moon Leo
Feb 7 2012 4:53pm EST

Leo begs us to love. Not a little but a lot! Leo begs us to be creative. Not a little but a lot! Leo begs us to shine. Not a little but a lot! On the other hand, and we have to say ‘other hand’ (because a full moon is an opposition with the Sun) Aquarius begs us to love humanity. Aquarius begs us to be creative for a group, not the individual. And Aquarius begs us to shine hope and vision for the whole world, not the individual. Leo thinks the parts are better than the sum and Aquarius thinks the sum is better than the parts. They are both correct it is just a teeter totter. One is up, one is down the key is to find balance.

On a personal level, back on Aquarius New Moon we planted seeds that celebrated our individuality. Now we need to build upon it and shine. But not for ourselves, instead for the group. What does that mean? Well, if there is a hurdle in our work place and we need someone to get past a personal injustice and just step up and do something good for the group---then do it. Or if someone has a genius idea now would be the time to say, “You’re right, let me help you expedite that idea.” If there is a rub in the neighborhood that has got everybody in a tizzy, this would be the full moon to step up and stretch and work as a group to fix it. Solutions are possible no matter the problem, just work for the group.

Globally, because Aquarius rules social causes and unrest this full moon could point to issues similar to last winter’s Arab Awakening, perhaps a bit bumpy. I am wondering about Syria, which in theory has a parliament but for all intents and purposes when one family rules one country for over 30 years it smells more like royalty than democracy. The teeter totter of “people (Aquarius) versus ‘king” (Leo) is ripe for strife during this three day cycle.

Also on this Full Moon chart there is a snarky aspect with Uranus and a conjunction with Mercury. Both of these planets put emphasis on communication. One of them, Mercury, cares about the conversation we have with a friend, sitting next to them at a restaurant sharing this and thats. The other, Uranus, cares about communication on the internet, facebook and between groups of people. One is intimate the other is broadcast to the world. A computer virus or hackers could be in the news. High Tech will be in the news. Probably a bunch of high tech gifts will be purchased for Valentine’s Day.

But we all should take care on this full moon that we share communication that is helpful, true and authentic (Leo). And that we don’t let our personal fiery passion burn all over the place and hurt the greater world that we share with others (Aquarius).

Additionally, a few hours before Full Moon Saturn turns retrograde in Libra (see other post) and will be retrograde until the end of June. All of our relationships are about to get a big, fat tune up. What comes up on this Full Moon could just be the beginning of the shifts and changes we will be making for next five months.

Questions to ask:
Focus on: How is your ego hurting you? How is your self-esteem helping you? Do you know the difference? How is your cool intellect in synch or out of synch with your authentic nature? How is your fiery nature out of step with your intellect ? Are you proud of your unique individual nature? Or are you ashamed? Why?

Bottom line, be brilliant, be generous and be supportive of others, celebrate your own talent and the talent of others.

A curious week.

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