Saturday, February 4, 2012

Saturn Retrograde In Libra

February 7 Saturn turns retrograde 9:03am
Oh, you too, Saturn!

And just because God has a sense of humor we also get Saturn turning retrograde on this cycle. “My goodness what’s left?” Saturn in Libra is just pushing us all to get our relationships straight. If we have aligned ourselves up with someone who is not really in sync with our core then we may see the relationship strain. A retrograde Saturn is not unusual it happens about every 18 months and gives us another shot at getting stuff right.

Saturn turns retrograde on Feb 7 and then turns direct on June 25 where it picks up speed and by November it will have left Libra for Scorpio. When it moves into Scorpio it will be focused on resources, sex, taxes, power and death & rebirth but before we get there we need to finish up our business with Libra. What is going on with our commitments? What is going on with our relationships? Who are our partners? Are we in sync? Have we outgrown each other? Or are we tired of the fluffy superficial people and we are drawn to our relationships that are meatier and more real? Are we confused who is real and who is not?

All of this will get cleaned up between now and the end of June. For those people with planets between 21 and 29 degrees Libra, Aries, Cancer & Capricorn you are going to feel the pressures of Saturn more than the rest of us.

Remember, he is the ultimate father in our chart. He comes in and cleans up the crap. So, whatever planet is at those degrees you should be prepared for a little ‘whoop ass’. Not the end-of-the-world whooping but just the, ‘Yeah, I should’ve known this was coming” kind of bump. Saturn is not a surprise planet. He is the writing on the wall. So, try to get ahead of it if you can and do the work yourself before Saturn gets in there. By the way, this is ‘doctor heal thyself’ I have got a planet or two at those degrees. I’m in the mix myself!


  1. Mercuey at 29 degees Cancer in the eight house, conjunct venus(20cancer),cojunct sun(15cancer), inconjunct jupiter(26sag1sthouse), square neptune(6Scorpio11thhouse), inconjunct chiron(1pisces3rdhouse),trineAC(4sag1sthouse),sextileMC(0libra10thhouse)

    What does this mean for me? What 'whooping' is likely? And how, what is my best way to heal myself? Please advise. Thanks

  2. i would not consider your mercury conjunct sun, too wide a degree difference. And the mercury/venus is a bit on the wide side.

    You are done with the Saturn square Sun, thank god although you may feel shell shocked from last year when it pushed your soul around. Kind of one of those times when you are not sure you know up from down. Now, it is your mind's time to get pushed. If your thinking is not sound on issues from sex, banking, loans, other people's money, inheritance, taxes, death and rebirth--and family, emotions, roots---if your thinking is 'off' in any of those areas, Saturn will come through and point out what is 'off.' Might not be easy lesson but I think you will understand it since you have already had Saturn Square Sun which is more painful of a lesson. now your brain catches up. Good luck!

  3. Thank you for the reply. One last info however is that my natal saturn is 15 cap in the second house, which is opposing my cancer sun at 15 etc etc. Not too sure what you mean by 'thinking is off' in issues of sex, banking family roots. I have moved completely away from 'family' (Plural) and 'spouse'. And will likely never return. Issues of betrayal to mention just one trauma that erupted from both 'family and spouse'. don't think I could trust either... ever! Still picking up the pieces. Is there more to prepare for?

  4. Ah, picking up the pieces is probably part of the Square with sun. I'm talking more about the 'global' thought than the specifice. Meaning, you are done with that marriage and spouse but if it has left a patina on you about marriage.."I can never trust men again" or, "I'm doomed to never have a good relationship" "I can never trust anyone to be my family again." Not saying you need to have those people in your life but more about the debris field it left in your mind. Mental Chatter is Mercury. By the way, I currently have Pluto on my own mercurey. So, I'm doubling down on my own mental stuff. lol. hope this makes sense.

  5. What should one expect from pluto presently at 8 cap/about to enter my 2nd house and soon to be transiting my natal saturn@15 in cap3rd house? As pluto is so sloowww moving along, is it more trauma? if so what can I do to ease its journey. How long before it moves past 15 capricorn?

    ps. Thank you so much for answering and giving me insight.


  6. Question: What house has Capricorn on the cusp?

  7. Not sure how to determine that! Enter AC @ 4 sag in 1st house, enter into 2nd house at 8 cap to 21 aquarius for entry into 3rd. Does that help?

  8. Okay, I'm an idiot, I should have realized your 2nd house has Cap on the cusp. Cap on the cusp of the 2nd makes for a conservative streak when it comes to purchases which FLIES in the face of the SAG rising, who never saw a dollar he didn't want to spend. If you don't own a home I would think Pluto on Saturn would push you to dig in and get roots. If you do own a home Pluto may push you to sell and redefine yourself. The 2nd house is one of the money houses. If you have any debt this will make you double down in gettting rid of it. The Sag Risings are people who enjoy a lot of people. Especially anyone who can tell a good story and keep things lively. However, those people are not always there when you need them. Pluto on your Saturn in the 2nd which rules the 2nd will be having you look around at your whole world, including people and asking, "Where are the roots?" "do I really value this?"
    I think when this aspect is over you will feel rewarded by it.

  9. Roots... Well koonta kintay I'm not but Metis I am. And as it goes I am well aware of my roots, cultural roots and even though my previous relationships have left my life I go forward to help others who have lost their Metis identity. Roots that have been repressed since the late 1800's. When from that time to today many hid their nationality to survive in the ever growing Canadian society. Those who were 'white-skinned' said they were French and those who were'darker', said they were 'Indian'. Being Metis then was to live an oppressive marginalized life.

    My wish is to provide those who don't know their past with a voice that would present to them enough perspective to value being 'Metis'.

    I hope this is what the transit ahead will be for me. Indeed it is what feeds my soul now. I may not be with my dysfunctional family anymore but I still feel strong connections to my cultural roots here in the homeland and that is what I am able to feel strenght in.

    Finding a soul-mate would be the icing on the cake... or bannock... If I were to find one, a mate that is, what planets, house, configuration would I need to pursue, pay attention to, to open the door to a new companion?

    Kiichi Marsii (Thank you very much - in Michif language)