Sunday, February 5, 2012

As I indicated in an earlier post I have got my antenna up on Venus this week. Naturally, when it comes to Venus which rules things we value--aka money & love, I felt the need to go see what Ray Merriman has to say for this week. And no surprise he and I were on the same page about the 9th through the 15th.

Ray is an astrologer and expert on stocks/commodities, currencies etc. I highly recommend his weekly reports.

Friday was not only the day of the surprisingly strong payroll reports that sent stock prices soaring, but it also marked the day that Neptune begins its 14-year trek through Pisces, the sign it rules. Neptune pertains to Alan Greenspan’s famous quip about markets and investors being irrationally exuberant. It is as pertinent today as when he said it several years ago.

This week we may get a dose of reality. Saturn, the planet of hard realities, turns retrograde at 29° Libra on Tuesday, February 7. This cosmic event has coincided with important crests in stock prices several times in the past decade, and it is poised to do the same this time too. Its orb of influence is historically up to 11 days, but in most cases, if a reversal occurs, it is within only 4 trading days (see Volume 3 of the Stock Market Timing series).

Another change in investor psychology is likely around Wednesday, February 9, when Venus leaves the blissful domain of Pisces and enters Aries, the sign where it tends to have psychological issues. Venus wants to share and be fair. Aries wants it all, and to hell with fairness. That’s a weakness, especially as it joins up with ruthless Uranus in Aries the next day. It’s a good bet that both parties will actively engage in credit for the jobs recovery. It’s also a good bet that the good feelings of Venus and Neptune in Pisces at the end of last week will give way to hostile debate and combat by the end of this week, and the markets could easily take their cue from that. These are all signatures of a sudden reversal in several markets coming up.

And speaking of Venus, we note that it will begin a hard aspect translation this week to the forthcoming Uranus-Pluto square. On February 8, Venus conjuncts Uranus, followed by its square to Pluto on February 15. Something’s got to give by then. Venus wants harmony, but in Aries it goes about it all the wrong ways. In hard aspect to Uranus and Pluto, it may be painful to watch, and more painful to take a side.

Go to the link for the rest of his thoughtful and insightful post.

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