Sunday, January 29, 2012


As we have been discussing here for a long time, Neptune is making its final move into Pisces on Feb 3. Last year Neptune finally breached the walls of Aquarius lapped into Pisces for a few months, then retrograded back into Aquarius for the rest of the year until now this week when it finally enters Pisces for the long haul.

I talked about Neptune in Pisces last Spring then again last fall and of course on last week's New Moon. Think I think this is kind of a big deal? It is, but it is also subtle because Pisces likes to slip in and slip out, hide in shadows, act elusive and has his own way of doing stuff.

Earlier I shared a link to Lynn Hayes write up on Neptune Pisces and I wanted to give you another take. Here is another link this time to Robert Wilkinson at Aquarius Papers blog.

Neptune is the spiritual ruler of this sign, and in its home. Neptune rules the great waters. Now the Outer Invisible Transpersonal Collectivizer will dominate the world's feelings for years. Much will be washed clean, while other things will be washed away. All of us will reorient our consciousness to our subconsciousness, as well as collective consciousness.

Pisces is associated with both dreams and nightmares, compassion and betrayal, forgiveness and hypocrisy. Now a force "beyond our control" begins to work these upon humanity, each responding according to what waters they swim in. For some, prophetic dreams and visions, while for others, ancient ghosts of terrifying shapes residing in the subconsciousness of humanity, leftovers from human misconduct and misunderstanding across millennia.

Pisces and Neptune rule the waves and tides. A good wave can give us a good ride; a violent wave can kill us. A good tide can bring riches and blessings; a bad tide can ground our boat. Knowing inner and outer tides, personal and impersonal tides, will be important in the 14 years ahead of us.

We will all need to learn navigation skills, or know a good navigator to help us steer our "ship of personality" through the tides, reefs, perils, and unknowns of an ocean we on Earth at this time have never experienced before now. By becoming unafraid of that which is beyond words, we can find a greater faith in "All-That-Is," and know that we are as leaves floating on the surface of the ocean held securely in the lap of Divine Mother.

This will be an era of feeling more than we've ever felt, of knowing beyond words, of experiencing what others are feeling to a greater degree than ever before. Those who have not seen or heard the call to human-ness will be made to feel. Not to feel will be a self-betrayal; expanding our ability to feel what others are feeling will redeem the greater promise of compassion toward all that is and help us know our interrelatedness with others in the feeling field.


  1. There is something overwhelming about this placement. My dreams, my subconscious really resonate to the energy of the divine mother. I am finding myself really living from the mindset, that you are the other me/ I am the other you. Glad I wandered over here, thanks for the info.

  2. Anonymous, you sound like Neptune is completely speaking to you. Normally it is very subtle but I think it is speaking a bit louder to you, you might have a planet that connects to zero pisces.