Wednesday, January 11, 2017

Full Moon in Cancer

Cancer Full Moon
January 12, 2017
6:33am EST

What a big ol’ full moon in our sky! 

It is glorious.   

Capricorn Sun in the final earth sign reminds us to look at our practicality and look at our goals, our ambitions, at our career and our place in the world.    But halfway through the Capricorn lunar cycle we get the Cancer full moon to help us remember our authentic self.   What moves us?  What do we feel in our soul and bones?  Who is our family?  How do we connect with them?  What and who is our history?  What do we value?   Who do we value?    When we cut off ourselves from our emotions we are robots.   Cancer full moon reminds us we are not animatronics punching time cards, showing up here and there because we ‘should’.   No, Cancer full moon speaks to our roots and feelings and reminds what we are made of from the ground up.  Cancer full moon show us the importance of our emotions not just so we can vent but more to move us after all, the word “motion” is in emotion.    

On this particular Cancer full moon chart, the Sun and Moon are in tough aspects with Jupiter and Uranus.  In astrology this is an aspect called a grand cross.     During the three-day full phase, we could feel stretched in ways we never thought were possible.   Blame Jupiter.   We may be running hard to please others and yes it could be at a cost.     At the same time we could feel the need to break out of restrictions, tell people to just ‘shove it.’    And we also could take a moment and question if our emotions have gotten in the way of our bigger selves?   Where is our cool head? 

With all this tension this is a great full moon to use our emotions to motivate us to take care of business.  Not just work but the business of life.  We have crap that needs to be fixed, ditched, adjusted.   We have To-Do lists.   And we have parts of our life that just simply are not in synch with our emotions.    Use this full moon to consider any adjustments you need to make that make your world a little bit more authentic.

Venus is on top of Neptune offering gentleness to the full moon.   Sympathy, creativity and humanitarianism a greater bigger love will be in the air, which is a nice antidote to any rough feelings that pop up.    Yes, we are capable of taking a breath. 


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