Monday, January 30, 2017

Whoops! We had a Technical Difficulty and here is The Astrology for this Week

First of all many apologies to those of you who went to my Aquarius New Moon and it was not there.  I went in and fixed a typo and next thing you know it went to the old default and wasn't there.   Okay it is now fixed.

Please go here for my New Moon Aquarius report.

Again, many apologies for that technological qlitch.

We continue to be in the New Phase of Aquarius lunar month all day Monday then on the 31st we move into Crescent in the late morning (EST).   

Please take Monday and early Tuesday to work with the Aquarian energy.   

This focus:   Where are your people?  Who is your tribe?  Who is your group of like minded thinkers?  Are you out in the world engaging groups?  How is it going?  Are you with your right peeps? Do they support your brilliance?   Do they support your great ideas?   Are they saying something brilliant and you agree?   If you aren’t with these people then get out there and find them.   

The tension is thick in part to our dear friend the warrior Mars who moved into Aries on the 28th and is heading for his first square with Pluto on February 22.  The last time Mars was in Aries  and squared Pluto was March 12, 2015  and the last square with Mars in Libra was December 2015.     We did have a conjunction with Pluto last October but that is not exactly the same.  Look back on those periods and consider what came up for you.     Squares are rougher because they feel out of control or there is a blindsided quality to them.      We may get more information about the upcoming Mars square by watching Mercury.    On the 29th there was a conjunction with Pluto.   Were there tussles at home?   Someone said something that really ticked you off?   And of course taking it out of the person realm, how did that conjunction work out for airports?     Then on the 31st Mercury will square Uranus and we should probably expect more lightening strikes and firestorms.    And then on Feb 2 Mercury will square Jupiter.    Big ass opinions and very strange bedfellows may emerge.    

Also on Feb 2 Venus moves into Aries and will begin its own tussles with Pluto and Uranus that will do a number on money and love, for sure, but more to the point we will see action around ‘values.’   People who value war may be loud. 

Then on Feb 3 we move into first quarter moon.   This is another opportunity to find our like minded peeps.  We make really practical moves to find our tribe of people who have smart ideas that we can support and we open up to let those people who think we are smart and clever to support us. 

Special Focus:
1/29 Mercury conjunct Pluto:  Going back to the well.  Thoughts change, reborn.  Going to the root of stuff and rethinking it.
1/31: Mercury Square Uranus.   Disruptive thinking.   Revolution thoughts.   Watch thy tongue.  

Crescent Moon Phase
January 31, 2017

Focus on: What are you learning about faith?  What are you learning about spirituality?  What are you learning about mysticism?  What are you learning about victims?   What are you learning martyrs?   What are you learning about art?  What are you learning about the great beyond and how you connect to it? 

Special focus:
2/2:  Mercury Sq. Jupiter:  Big bold thoughts miss nuances.  Big mouths can’t hear others.   Over negotiating could mean losing a spine.
2/3: Venus enters Aries

First Quarter Moon
February 3, 2017

Focus on:  What actions can you take that are super practical?  What actions can you take that support your values?  What actions can you take that build up your ideals in a practical manner?   What actions can you take that support a step by step, slow build to success?

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