Saturday, February 4, 2017

Into a New Lunar Phase

We start this weekend in First Quarter Moon.    In terms of first quarter moons I think I like this one the best out of all 12 First Quarters.   Ten days ago we launched Aquarius new moon, a time when we look out in the world and find our tribe of people beyond our family circle.   How are we connected to others who have big ideas like us?  How do others support our genius?   How do we support others who have brilliant ideas?  And how do we all connect to make the world better?   Those are lofty questions.  Energetically important but how do we do it?     Now on First Quarter moon we get practical.    We come up with solutions and concrete applications to the ideas and wishes we planted on New Moon.    We follow up in real ways.  We also look at our money and make moves to shore up any issues. 

Focus on:  What actions can you take that are super practical?  What actions can you take that support your values?  What actions can you take that build up your ideals in a practical manner?   What actions can you take that support a step by step, slow build to success?

We move into Gibbous phase on February 7.   We go back to our emotions and our family.  Our home has our attention.    Have you we neglected something? Have we missed something that needs our attention in our ‘cozy world’?   

Gibbous Moon
February 7, 2017

Focus on:
What needs to be refined with your family?  Where are there holes that need to be repaired?   Where are your refining your emotions?  Where are you refining your home?   What details from your childhood impacted your goals and aspirations?   Ponder it. What lofty aspirations do you wish to accomplish but what is the point if you are not in tune with your emotions?   What is underneath your ideals?  

Special Focus:
2/9: Sun sextile Uranus.  Independence  gets a small  shot in the arm.  Feeling liberated.  Open to a little ‘newness’

Full Moon Phase
Feb 10, 2017
22 Leo 28

Separate post to come.   But remember we will need to consider “High Ego = Low Self Esteem.   High Self –Esteem = Low Ego”

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