Tuesday, February 7, 2017

Preparing for Your Treasure Map NOW!!!!!

Preparing for Your Treasure Map. 

We are now in the balsamic phase of the solar year, which means we are in the last six weeks of the cycle.    For those of us who honor cycles we know our year didn’t begin January 1.  It began in spring 2016 with the Aries New Moon.  Not the first day of Spring but the New Moon of Aries.   Aries is the first sign of the zodiac and when we launch our Treasure Maps.    In 2017, the Aries New Moon begins March 27 at 10:57pm EDT.    At that time we will make our collage that speaks to our goals and aspirations for the year.   It is a dynamic experience full of all kinds of emotions as we stretch and lean into our imaginations and ponder…. ”What if?”  Not a negative, ‘what if’ as in “If  the other shoe drops” , but instead “What if I … lost weight, traveled to Europe, got a perfect job, met a special person…”  Allowing ourselves to even think about something so elevated as ‘what if’ can be daunting.    But we do it on Aries New Moon and we push the envelope even further by making a treasure Map with images of those goals.   That is how we plant our seeds. 

But before that time, we must till the soil in advance of planting seeds.  

So, what does that mean?   What do I have to do to till my soil?

First order of business is clear the junk out of your life.
De-clutter your house.  De-clutter your closets.  De-clutter your files.  De-clutter every corner.  De-clutter under the bed.  De-clutter your car.  De-clutter your garage.    

If there is something broken in your house take it to the trash or get it fixed.   If there is something you no longer wear give it to goodwill. 
And de-clutter bad habits.   How interesting that lent falls right during balsamic phase.   Give up a vice.    Is there some relationships that need to be de-cluttered?   How about not calling that person back.   Let that email go unanswered.     De-clutter your inbox.  Unsubscribe to all those businesses.   

Your goal should be that every day you feel you are getting rid of something

Now when you let go there will be space.  You will feel the empty space.  Good.   DO NOT fill up the space.    You let go of one person so don’t call five other people to talk about how you let go of that one person.    Just let it go. 

Why do we release now?  Because when the Aries New Moon arrives six weeks from now we want to have the space so we can plant seeds for our new year. 

Also for those people who have treasure from 2016, do not be surprised if some of your goals manifest now in the last six weeks of the year.  I have had several  years where some of my biggest accomplishments arrive just before Aries New Moon.  I guess the Universe treats me like a term paper and writes the report the night before it is due.

Have a good house cleaning!  Both physical and mental!


  1. Hello...I wonder about what you do with your old treasure maps? I had a treasure map from two years ago and some of it came true.. I met a passionate dark haired man that looked just like the guy on the map but he didn't offer the commitment that I was looking for. And I also was looking for a new home and this didn't happen but I think this is because I wasn't ready and needed to get my finances and different work sorted. Anyway I didn't do it last year but I am still waiting for some of the stuff to manifest from 2 years ago. So my point is..is it better to dispose of my old treasure map and start again with a new one or can I continue the old map somehow?

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  3. you can put the map away in a safe space if you wish. you can dispose of it as well. Or maybe you can do both by taking a photo of it and then ditching the actual map. By doing that you will be able to monitor your manifestations. I'm still mad I didn't take a photo of my first map 21 years ago! And you may on your new moon put something reflective of the manifestation you wanted on that previoius map. Some just take a couple years to appear!

  4. Thanks Tracy. Yes I think for me it looks like it will take at least 2 years to manifest. The guy that was non-committal looked like the guy on my map - it was so strange. So I wasn't sure whether fresh energy with a new map would be good with a different pic. You said I could use the new moon to put new moon 'put something reflective of the manifestation you wanted on that previous map' did you mean make a new map adding some of the old map? I liked the idea of the photo also. Thanks.