Thursday, February 9, 2017

Leo Full Moon. For godsakes fall in love with self for a minute. Can you?

Full Moon Phase
Feb 10, 2017
7:32pm EST
22 Leo 28

There are some full moons that just make a person want to stay in bed for three days and then there are full moons like this Leo Full Moon where we say, “Hurray.” 

On the New Moon in Aquarius (two weeks ago) we activated the new phase by connecting with other people who inspire us, or help find our brilliance or people we can connect with in a manner that we can pursue like-minded goals.   Now on full moon in Leo we go back to self.  Not to care about self interest only but more to reflect on what is real and true about our inner self.  

In Leo we look for our strength, love, bravery and the part of us that is a ‘star’.   One has to be careful with that word because celebrity has been interchanged with ‘star’ and frankly at this stage anyone can be a celebrity.  That’s not what Leo is really about.  Leo is about confidence.  Being self-assured.  No matter what your age or your life experiences on Leo full moon you should take a moment and reflect on what sets you apart from others.  Your talents.  Your skills.   Where you shine like a star.   Yes, it is immodest but for heavens sake if you can’t do that in the privacy of your own brain then we’ve got big problems.

And remember:  Do you think it is an accident that the Full Moon in Leo is the companion to Aquarius New Moon?   Of course not.  Yes, we reach out to others to expand our goals and aspirations for a greater cause but at the full moon we have to remember what we are about.   We have to reflect. That’s the point of a full moon.   By doing this act, we keep it real so so we are not going down roads that really aren’t in synch with our inner self.

This particular Leo Full Moon has the following aspect:  Sun trine Jupiter, sextile Saturn, sextile Uranus, sextile Jupiter.    Along with Moon trine Saturn.  Moon Trine Uranus. 

That is a boat load of great potential: 
Expansion, reaching out to others, learning about something new is inspiring (Jupiter).  Recognizing concrete skills and talents in self and others is practical and helpful (Saturn).  Breaking out of old stale patterns is a breath of fresh air (Uranus).     Finding out what makes you special may come from outside or ‘foreign’ resources (moon/Jupiter) and new opportunities that offer independence and breaking fresh ground could appear out of ‘nowhere’ (moon/Uranus).

Take this full phase to lean into your cleverness, your smartness, your skills, your talents, everything that makes you YOU.    And have fun!!!

Remember the full phase is from Feb 10th  7:32pm EST  until Feb 14th 1:04pm EST.  A great way to activate Valentine’s day, I might add! 


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  1. Such good information as we manage the weather patterns in our home state as well as Washington. Stabilizing info. Thank you Tracy.