Saturday, December 24, 2022

Astrology for December 24 - January 1


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The Capricorn new moon is strong.  Please read the whole report HERE.   Use the new moon energy to your full advantage and plant seeds for what you want to big plans you want to accomplish.   Call someone, send a note, book an appointment, use your intent.    Look at your life like you are a CEO and figure out where you need some improvements.   The intent is not to beat yourself up, it is to strategize a plan that can optimize success.  The key is NOT to rush.   Sure and steady are the best plans and during Cap new moon you may see the way.   

Mercury turns retrograde on 29th (separate post) and that is what that know that drill.  But interesting, Mercury is in an uplifting aspect with Neptune before and after the retrograde which is puttins some joyful thoughts and mystical moments which may soften the launch of the retrograde.   It is also on top of Venus which is really a call to double down in our values.   

During Crescent phase we take note how our friends serve us (or not) on our long range goals.  Some information will be out there for us.   And on First Quarter, we propel ourselves to our goals with our own initiative and independence.     We get a little fire in our belly to make our goals reality.   

It's a nice end of the year and beginning of 2023.   

Wishing you all a happy holidays and new year.     

Capricorn New Moon

1 Capricorn 32 

December 23, 2022 

2:16am PST 



This focus:     Where are you in the world?   What do you want to accomplish for you?   What moves can you feel you need to make to uplift your life?    What is one area that deserves your focus and a simple game plan?    How can you accomplish a small task, bit by bit and build to something big?  



Special note:

12/24: Mercury sextile Neptune.  Inspired thinking that is grounded in practical application.   Fun conversations.  Big intuition.   Because of the Mercury retrograde this energy will last until 1/1 when it hits it again.   Mystical elements to our days. 



Crescent Moon Phase

December 26, 2022

6:54am PST 



Focus on: What are you learning about your friendships?  What are you learning about your groups?  What are you learning about the power of a group of people putting their heads together?  What are you learning about ‘big ideas’?  How can all this that you are learning help your big goals?  



Special Focus

12/28: Venus sextile Neptune.  Joy and faith are hand in hand.

12/29:  1:31am PST Mercury station retrograde  24 Cap 21 (see separate post) 

12/29: Mercury conjunction Venus.  Thinking about love and how to make it ‘better’.   


First Quarter Moon 

December 29, 2022 

5:20pm PDT  



Focus on:  What actions are you taking that connect with personal power?  What actions are you taking that are motivated in your identity?   What actions are you taking that speak to new paths?  Or independence?   How can all of this line up with your goals from new moon? 


Special Note

12/31: Venus conjunction Pluto.  Power of love and love of power.  Which is being tapped today?    

1/1: Mercury sextile Neptune.  Intuition is pronounced.  Inspired in unworldly ways.  Communication that has joy that is subtle.  Peaceful. 


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