Tuesday, December 6, 2022

Gemini Full Moon: December 7, 2022


Full Moon 

16 Gemini 02 

December 7, 2022 

8:08pm PST 



Gemini full moons are long on communication.    On a good day without a lot of aspects  a Gemini full moon, has a lot of talk, a lot of data, a lot of info, perhaps some gossip and maybe a bit of humorous snark.   It is certainly stimulating.   Then there are Gemini Full Moons like this one, which is a bit more juiced up.   

Moon on top of warrior Mars (and opposing Sun) which can suggest a three-day fight zone.   People can hear fighting words with ease.    Even those people who have elephant skin could respond as if it is paper thin.     The question is, is the fight right or wrong?    Maybe this is push back that has been needed?   Maybe someone has crossed a line multitude times and this is the full moon where they are called on it?    Or maybe there is something else going on that needs real focus and this fighting with others is just a chaotic distraction?   Luckily, taking a beat is doable.    The Sun in Sagittarius can pull the moon in Gemini out of a distraction debris field and get a bigger picture.    Gemini may fight the pull out and try to win the argument but if it is based on superficiality, Sag will call it out.   Having said that, If the fight is too righteous and based on faulty judgments or old data (Sag’s downfall) then Gemini will call it out.    You will have to be the judge. 


Luckily, the chart also has an excellent aspect with Saturn, which is sextile Sun and trine Moon.   If instead of a fight we take Mars and use that deep source of energy to do the work of Saturn, we can accomplish a lot this 3-day lunar phase.   Saturn is measured, disciplined, and brings a maturity to any task.   If there is anything sitting around your house that needs real mental focus and herculean strength, use this full moon to accomplish the task.   To my American friends, how about finally signing up for Real ID?     Or maybe you need to call cyberworld and get an account up and running again.   Setting up that password, inserting the new email or whatever it is that has seemed so daunting, use Saturn in Tech loving Aquarius, Sagittarius’s joy of hitting a target and Gemini’s pleasure in figuring out a puzzle and take care of a bunch of stuff.     



Then there are Dr. & Dr. Weird Aspects   The semi-sextile and the quincunx, who are mixing it up between Sun & Moon with Uranus.    During the three-day phase, there is some strange, out of the blue factor that can be annoying and need addressing but it also could bring a gift.   Maybe some important facts or information that have been hiding in plain sight are now exposed by someone loose talk?   Whatever weirdness comes up, make the most of it.  



There is also a weak square with Neptune, meaning it is kind of far away from the Sun and Moon, but it might just be close enough to send a little fuzziness.   If you don’t have a clear vision on any topic, as always, breathe or meditate on it.    Prayer doesn’t hurt either.     

For this full moon, remember the adage, “I went to a fight and hockey game broke out” can now be reframed, “I went to a fight and a conversation broke out”.     

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