Monday, November 28, 2022

Astrology of November 28 - Dec 4


We start off the week in Crescent Phase.   On Monday the 28th there is a beautiful aspect between Mars and Saturn, if you have a lot on your To-Do list, use the energy of Monday to get through it all.    Tuesday is a cross currents day.   Mercury, the planet of communication is razor sharp.  Mars oppose Mercury can bring out arguments.    But then there is also a sextile with Saturn that suggests mature thinking.   This is a day of taking no nonsense.  Not from others and perhaps not from self.    On 11/30 we move into first quarter moon.   Seeds we planted on New Moon now need tending and actions.   Finding faith and acting upon it will lift up the goals/themes of the New.    Near the end of First Quarter moon Neptune stations direct at 22/23 Pisces.   Not going to lie, Neptune traveling through Pisces is hard on the world's psyche.   Leaning into humanitarian and the tender takes the edge off that which seems downright crazy.    Gibbous Moon activates our independence and refining our ability to have agency over our own life and path.    While there may be hurdles, there will also be rumination to figure out a plan that can be helpful later down the road, seeking advice from those outside our immediate circle could be helpful.  


Crescent Moon Phase

November 26, 2022

9:40pm PST 


Focus on: What are you learning about your executive abilities?   What are you learning about business?  What are you learning from your ‘inner’ CEO?   What are you learning about leading organizations?  


Special Focus

11/28:  Mars trine Saturn.  Get your actions on!  Mars will help you navigate even the most difficult tasks. 

11/29:  Mercury oppose Mars.  Argumentative thoughts and words.  Provocative conversation.  Watch the rhetoric.   

11/29:  Mercury sextile Saturn. Structured thinking.   Contained conversation. 


First Quarter Moon 

November 30 

6:36am  PDT  


Focus on:  What actions are you taking that connect with creativity?  What actions lean into mystical?   What actions are fuzzy but rely on trust? 


Special Note

11/30 Venus opposition Mars.  Love and actions seem at odds.  Spirited conversations.   Love of talk.  Love of quick actions.  

12/1: Mercury Square Neptune.  Thoughts and talking not all above board.   Finding truth a wee bit difficult.  

12/1 Venus trine Saturn.  Responsible love.  Showing up out of love and duty.  It is easy. 

12/3 Neptune station direct 22 Pisces 39 (see separate post) 


Gibbous Moon

December 3  

10:08pm PST    



Focus on:  How are you refining your ability to “put me first?” How are you refining your self-determination abilities?   How are you refining leadership?  How are your refining independence? 


Special focus

12/3: Venus square Neptune.  Illusionary, dreams and fantasy, are they reachable?  Or is the love not there?  

12/5: Mercury square Jupiter.  Large conversations.  Large opinions.  Rhetoric not helpful. 

12/6: Mercury enters Capricorn 


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