Saturday, November 26, 2022

Neptune Station Direct: Dec 3, 2022


Neptune Mosaic.  Source unknown. 



Mar 7:  Neptune enters Shadow

June 28:  Neptune retrograde (25 Pisces 27)

Dec 3: Neptune Direct (22 Pisces 39)

Mar 24, 2023:  Neptune exits shadow 


Neptune is in the final ten degrees of Pisces.  Neptune is dreamy, soft, and muted.  Neptune speaks to our intuition and Pisces doubles down on those things that can’t be explained.    Are we aspirational?  Or are we delusional?   It is good to remember that the last time Neptune was in these degrees of Pisces was the middle of the 1850s.  A creative period, the camera was invented.  Also delusional as a country kept pivoting thinking it could continue on as a slave nation.  


Neptune can dissolve barriers.  It softens hard edges.   Keeping our feet on the ground can be challenging around the date of station direct.  What has come up since June 28?   Where did we feel misguided?   Who lied?  Or did we lie?  Did we get lost in booze, drugs, fantasy, or conspiratorial rabbit holes?  Which are all the darker side of Neptune.   Now as it straightens out are we on the other side of a dream or fantasy?    Or did we fantasize about a future that we want?   Can we take this time before the next retrograde in 2023 to figure out a plan to realize those dreams?   


It is interesting that before Neptune was discovered, Jupiter was the ruling planet of Pisces.     We are of course loaded with big Jupiter energy this 29-day cycle and his sibling Neptune also gets our attention.    Faith, trust, creativity, dreaming our future all seem to be on the table.     

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