Saturday, November 26, 2022

Jupiter station direct November 23, 2022


A statue of Jupiter.  Source unknown. 

Important Jupiter dates: 

May 4 Jupiter enters shadow (28 Pisces 48)

May 11 Jupiter enters Aries 

July 28 Jupiter retrograde 

October 28 Jupiter re-enters Pisces 

November 23 Jupiter stations direct 28 Pisces 48 (Sag new moon)

December 20 Jupiter re-enters Aries 

February 14, Jupiter exits shadow (16 Aries 26)


Jupiter spends about five months retrograde every year.   Once Jupiter finishes up a sign, it will be twelve years before it returns.  Jupiter is the greatest teacher planet, so when it stations direct it is   always beneficial to take time to reflect on what has transpired and what can be learned from the retrograde period.  


What has come up since July 28 where you have had to lean into being a bridge?   What worlds have you joined together?  How have you pivoted your philosophies?   Where have you deepened your education?   What have you learned?   While Jupiter was in Pisces how have you responded to humanitarian needs?   How have you been generous with compassion?   While Jupiter was in Aries how have you been out front for you?   What bigness did you bring to your ‘identity’?  The next time Jupiter will be in Pisces will be 2033.   Learn the most you can between now and Dec 20 when Jupiter returns to Aries.  Once in Aries we are expanding our need for self-determination.  We need to get out there and find our path, our independence.   We get fiery about our personal place in the word.   We lean into “Me”.   Guess what?  That’s okay.   

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