Sunday, August 19, 2012

Oh, are so fun and true

Hey, why is that picture so small?

Oh, well... I went snooping around to find something fun and good for you on this Leo New Moon and of course I went to M. Lutin.   It felt so perfectly Leo.

Anyway, here's a snippet of his latest report.  Go to LINK for full write up.  By the way, why do I still get Vanity Fair with Mikey gone?????  Not nearly as good.  Sigh.

        You've been under a spell.

A spell that has lasted thirty years. Even if you weren't born back then, the spell was put on your mother and father.
Now you can break it. It's time to break it. You must break it.
Way back then the Saturn Pluto conjunction started a chain reaction that put you under a spell.
There was separation, betrayal, rejection or even death.
Some strong alliances were formed then,
but many were unholy.
Link has rest of it......


  1. Fascinatin'! Regulus! Who knew?

    But Lutin doesn't explain what this has to do with Sat/Pluto conjunction--can you elaborate?

    Thanks! Cool stuff...

  2. Ah, Saturn conjunct Pluto 1982... I remember it well....sigh. kind of tough for this gal.

    This article might be helpful.'s%20choice/articles/sat_pluto/sat_pluto.html