Sunday, August 12, 2012

Something for you

My friend and I were emailing each other at the beginning of the week and talking about how it is hard to stay UP.   Especially with Sikh shootings,  Colorado shootings and issues not as horrible but still sad or at the best --annoying.   Clearly, the Uranus/Pluto pressures are mighty.

I told my friend you have to just take the moments of good....AND hang on tight.

Having said all that---

I give you this story of a mommy dog rescuing her pups from a burning fire. Her instincts told her to take the pups to the fire truck.

A house fire in Temuco, Chile, destroyed the portion of the home where the pups lived, local news agency Soy Temuco reports.
Although the puppies were safely delivered to a fire truck by their mother, homeowner Omar Torres was transported to a local hospital for burn treatments.
Unfortunately, a separate article by the paper reports one of the puppies, named Amparo, died Thursday night due to te severe burns. The rest of the puppies are in stable condition.
Of course, mother dogs have good instincts when it comes to saving their young.
A recent video from ABC News shows a golden retriever jumping in to a pool to save her struggling pup. But when the little one can't pull itself to the surface, the mother climbs out of the pool and brings it to safety.

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