Thursday, August 9, 2012

Mars Digs in With Saturn

Mars Conjunct Saturn takes place in a few days.  

Ruby Slipper has a nice write up I encourage you to read the whole thing. But here is a snippet. 

Careless use of this energy (passive agressive jabs, dithering, trampling over other people’s boundaries) will get you payback. But not the nice kind. If you try to push a relationship or scenario further than it’s supposed to go, you’ll hit a wall. If you’ve been frittering away your energy, you’ll be held accountable. The unpleasant side of Mars/Saturn is the authoritarian “No, you can’t”.

The action that’s been taking place in the Libra occupied area of your chart will slow down as Mars approaches Saturn. It may feel like a grind, but it’s Saturn’s way of ensuring that you’re on the right track. Do you really want this? Yes? Then it’s worth the extra effort. So if things get sticky, dig in and push a little harder. Slow, concentrated efforts are the way to go (push too fast and you’ll get burnt out). But… make sure you’re pushing for something that’s meant to happen

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