Sunday, August 26, 2012

This week ahead....

We begin this week with the final hours of First quarter moon then by 8:32pm EDT on Monday we move into the Gibbous phase.
Focus on:    What is coming up that speaks to your executive abilities?  What details are you working out where you have to put on your CEO hat?  Where do you need to step up and show your leadership abilities?   What tough decisions need to be made that speak to your self esteem?

It is interesting that the Republican convention will be occurring during Gibbous, I would anticipate some leaders will be born during those three days. 
On 8/29:  The Sun trines Pluto. This happens twice a year.  The last time was in late April.   Inspirations will speak to our very DNA. The desire to survive is strong.  Ideas will come up that showcase our creativity and rebirth.  It is a powerful aspect. 
also on 8/29 is a great aspect with Mercury and Saturn.  The brain and communication are in sync with our work efforts.  We have got our mind on our relationships working and our working relationships on our mind.
I'm curious about hurricane Isaac with these aspects.   They are very positive and powerful aspects.   Leadership should be pronounced.  
Full Moon Phase
August 31
08 Pisces 34
9:58am EDT
Focus on:    Where is spirituality in your life?   How do you balance your self- esteem with divine intervention?   Do you know the difference?  Can you be brave and rely on your intuition to support your self esteem?  Or is your ego at  play and you see yourself only as hero or victim?    I will post more on full moon later.....

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