Thursday, August 23, 2012

Final day ----

Can you help me?

I hoping Mars in Scorpio will be able to assist!

It is the final hours for my collection for Tammy Duckworth.

As you know I started a small collection for Tammy Duckworth who is running against Rep Joe Walsh in the 8th District of Illinois. 

At the beginning of July, Walsh said some awful things about Tammy in particular that she 'shows off' every time she rolls her wheel chair into a room.    Tammy lost her legs as a soldier in Iraq.

I am jaded about things like politics. But even I was awakened from my jaded apathy of (politicians) are "all lame".  Even I had to admit, Joe Walsh hit a new low..  Low enough to get my ire.

 He also surrounds himself with people who nod their head in agreement with his extremist point of view. THIS bothered me more. 

Anyway, I started a very modest fundraising campaign.  My goal was $500 dollars for Tammy's campaign.   I am $252.

My fundraiser ends tomorrow night.   If I could get 10 people to donate $25 I will reach it.
If I can get 25 people to donate $10, I will reach it.

Please know that I am thankful to each and everyone of you who have donated.   I got some very nice emails.   I don't have a tip jar on my sight, I am happy to provide astro insights where I can and I hope you enjoy them.   But if you have thought about tipping me, please consider a small donation to this fundraiser it its final hours.  Also, if you can share the link with a few friends on FB that would be helpful.   I am very thankful for your help.

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