Thursday, August 30, 2012

Pisces Full Moon 2012


Elanor Powell and Fred Astaire  Begin the Beguine

From Wiki: A Beguine was originally a Christian lay woman of the 13th or 14th century living in a religious community without formal vows; but in the Creole of the Caribbean, especially in Martinique and Guadeloupe, the term came to mean "white woman", and then to be applied to a style of music and dance, and in particular a slow, close couples' dance



Pisces Full Moon

August 31, 2012



Pisces Full Moon


The Full Moon in Pisces pulls on our emotions.  But not the feelings that we access easily like those conjured up by family (Cancer) or our passion and jealousy (Scorpio).  These emotions are pulled by our psyche.   This full moon we should expect those things deep in our subconscious to come out and yell “boo”.  It may be the daylight and we could be in a public forum but don’t be surprised if fear, rage, sadness, depression, giddiness, (fill in the blank), any deep seated emotion to come out and speak to us.   They are coming up to be processed.   Perhaps someone says something and we are taken immediately back to something someone said to us when we were child and a wave of emotions overcome up.   This is true of every Pisces Full Moon, remember, Pisces is the last sign of the zodiac.  It is the place where we wrap things up.  It is the drawer in our kitchen that holds all the things that don’t belong in the other drawers.  No surprise it is the sign associated with psychics, therapists and priests (shares with Sag).   It is a very fuzzy sign it also rules religion, art, music and dance and not surprising like the arts it can leave a long impression.   In the full moon the Sun in Virgo is in opposition to the Moon.    Virgo is the sign of practical, earth bound, dotting I’s and crossing T’s—all about facts is opposed to Pisces vagueness.   Like a ballet dancer we are standing on point.  We will be focused on details and taking care of business but at the same time we are pulled by some inner emotion or fuzzy drive that can’t be exactly explained.  


This Full Moon has a very unique aspect in that it is in conjunction with Chiron.   We spoke of Chiron a lot on the NEW MOON.    Chiron is self-wounding.  He is the part of us that just keeps stepping in the same old pile of Sh*t expecting it to be clover.  It ain’t clover so why do we keep doing the same old nonsense?    The Moon is also in wide conjunction with Neptune which is double downing in the cuckoo and the unexpressed feelings.   This full moon offers us a great opportunity to let stuff go.  If we feel a big hurdle in front of us and it feels like we have been here before and all of our emotions are peaking—let Neptune dissolve the fear.  Yes, fear, because even if you are raging or snotty or whatever you feel at it's core you, FEAR is at the center of the emotions.  Let it go.  Tell Chiron you will no longer be trapped.  Release and then do more releasing.   Then see if Sun in discipine Virgo can guide you to practical applications of what you look like when you are not wrapped up in fear.   

I bet you would learn how to dance again. 

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  1. Terrific, Tracy...and love the film clip. What a perfect image.