Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Living in Balance

My beautiful friend Rev. Kac Young has written a brilliant article in the July August issue of Whole Living Journal.  WLJ is an online publication and you can find the link to the magazine and article HERE.   
In her article Living In Balance While Spinning the Plates of Your Life, Kac points out that in our hideously hectic lives we often forget to live our lives.   How can you even breathe when you are driving from one appointment to another let alone engage with the ones you love when you are racing for some real or imaginary deadline?    By utilizing six practices,  Conscious Choice,  Being Present, Build Strength, Practice, Confidence and Management Kac lays out how we can actualize more fuller lives.  
What I found particularly brilliant was how she broke down the hours and minutes of a typical American lifetime.  Those 78 years times 12 months means we live about 936 months.   Wanna know how much of those months is spent driving, working, sleeping?   Take that out of the equation. Wanna know how much is spent exercising?  And how many hours doing housework? 

Kac my brilliant VIRGO friend has figured it all out.

I won't spoil it here, go to the link.
It is a great article.  Not too long, quick enough for you to read right now and then get on with LIVING your life ... probably with more gusto!

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