Sunday, August 12, 2012

The week ahead

Tomorrow we wrap up the Cancer Lunar cycle by beginning the Balsamic Phase.
Time to release, Baby!

On August 15--we get the Mars/Saturn conjunction.
Are you starting to feel pressures in how you relate? 
This can be a time for actions with a purpose that are fruitful.   But you need to pay attention to the other person.    No matter how pissed you are about it.

End of the week we'll have New Moon in Leo.  More to come on that one later in the week.

Balsamic Moon Phase

August 13 12:51am EDT

Balsamic:   We let go.  By releasing we can prepare for the new. 

Focus on   We release our feelings, we release our emotions. We release our pouty nature.  We release our family.   Huh, we release our family?  Yes, we release them.  

Special focus:

8/15: Venus/ Pluto.  Love& Values feel threatened by forces that demand change.

8/15: Mars/Saturn.  Focus on actions that amount to real, concrete results.

8/16: Venus/Uranus.  Love & Values feels at odds with future growth. 

8/16:Sun/Saturn.  Fun & Lively motivations that build upon real results. 

Leo New Moon August 17 11:54am EDT

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  1. TYVM, Tracy, More good advice about the coming week: everyone's been focussing on the changes but you helped me see the release in terms of the Balsamic Moon, plus the New Moon is on my Pluto in 11th and I'm getting big ambitions - oops?!!