Thursday, August 16, 2012

Leo New Moon

New Moon is this Friday  August 17, 11:54am EDT  25 Leo 08 .
My pet lion is busy mauling someone so I took a photo of our cat for your pleasure.
I hope you are ready to come alive because we should have a lot of sparks this 28 day cycle.
So far this summer our brains got overworked (two Gemini New Moons) our emotions were surely tested (Cancer New Moon) and now we get a burst of flames to rev up our engines.  And I for one need it.   

I wrote up the whole article on Margaret Wendt's Website.  Go to the link for the whole story. But here is a snippet.


As we plod through this hot summer (perhaps the hottest on record) and more importantly as we plod through the first tense wave of Uranus and Pluto-- we are all feeling burnt.   No kidding.

And now that we have worked our way through a 28 day cycle of emotions with all its ebbs and flows (thank you, Cancer lunar cycle) we are ready for something different.  Something hugely different.  Enter Leo stage right.  

Leo the lion is brave and strong and will put himself out there.    Hear him roar and you know he is in the house.     My husband has Leo Rising and no one misses his entrance when he returns from work.    Leos can be the center of attention and suck up a lot of the oxygen in the room.  Sure, they can.  How we react depends on what is going on inside of them.   If they are feeling strong and self-confident they can lead anyone into any place.   We trust them.  We enjoy their boldness.    But if they are insecure and lacking self-esteem—well, that is when their ego can be absolutely nuts.    An insecure Leo can be as rigid as a board.  They can demand this from that person and then more from another person and creating nothing but drama and absolutely convince themselves that people are  betraying them everywhere including the most innocent circumstances.   And an insecure Leo is always suspicious that everyone is jealous of them.   Sigh.

But what is more important and speaks to this cycle is the other Leo.  The one who is connected to something higher and knows there is a life purpose guiding them and they are brave enough to follow that inner calling---well there is NO ONE more inspiring, creative, dynamic and generous than Leo.  

And right now, in this hot, hot, darn, tough summer, don’t we all want to be inspired, creative, and dynamic along with feeling a generous support?

The answer is YES.   But we have to work at it.   We have to be willing to be brave and listen to our pulse.  Luckily there are aspects on this New Moon cycle to help push us towards our calling because Leo rules the heart.   


On this Leo New Moon the Sun/Moon are in a beautiful sextile with Mars and Saturn.  For 28 days we will be inspired and creative ideally passionate and at the same time it will all be purposeful.   Leo rules fun and merriment, parties, excitement and balloon popping escapades.    With Mars and Saturn in Libra supporting Sun & Moon in Leo, we should not be afraid to have fun.   Take risks (Mars), be spontaneous, be joyful, let down your hair and laugh!   This is important because the fun you experience connects you to others (Libra) and inspires (Leo) you in a real and concrete way (Saturn).      Go for the fun, go for the lively.   See what it does to your heart.   Also don’t be afraid to make fun of yourself!   What?  Leo makes fun of himself?  Yep, when Leo has high self- esteem he can even laugh at his own foibles.  Heaven forbid!


Of course not all aspects are smooth and two hurdles are from.... go to link for rest of piece.  

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