Saturday, August 11, 2012

Paul Ryan VP Express Train

Paul Ryan Birth Data:
January 29, 1970 at 2:37 AM in Janesville, Wisconsin.

No. I didn't do the research to find it.  You can thank Political Astrology Blog who put it up at the end of June.   

It is way too hot today for me to weigh in with any thoughts, you try thinking when there is sweat on your thighs--sorry, perhaps that was TMI.

Anyway, I was taken aback by the Neptune on the ASC.   Not sure how I feel about that one.    And of course, America loves some good ol' Sag.   I don't know why we are double downing in Aquarius with the last few elections.  Obama has Aquarius Rising. Palin had Moon in Aquarius and now we have Paul Ryan with Sun in Aquarius.       The US of course has Moon in Aquarius and does enjoy that energy in others.    Although sometimes the rogue stuff bugs us, think Ralph Nadar with Aquarius Rising.    Palin electrified some of the base while also turning off some of the base.   

I do think the Gemini energy of Obama Moon,  Mitt's Ascendent and now Ryan's Descendent mean a truck load of double talk.  From everyone.   

Will be interesting.   


  1. Neptune conjunct a Sag ascendant... at best, I'd think it could be compassionate in a big way and inspirational, and at worst inflated and delusional. With Jupiter, the ruler, in Scorpio in the 12th... I'd always want to look for the true power dynamics under the big show. Direct or indirect, he's got a set philosophy that he's steering by. And since we know he's an Ayn Rand fan... well, that just might tell you all you need to know, right there.

    It's a little cooler here, today, so I can think. But a lot of days lately, I have felt just as you describe. Hope you get some cool breezes soon!

  2. South Node in the Tenth House. He may be talented at politics, but its bad for his soul, And look where his moon is....exactly under the current Mars/Saturn gun.

  3. Zann,
    Yeah, Jupiter in the 12th--complicated. It is the knight on horse coming in at the last minute. I've seen a protective element in it. But the Neptune on the Asc with the Jupiter in the 12th....feels messianic.

  4. And the north node in Pisces in the 4th is about keeping his religious practices in his home NOT in the public (10th). I kind of feel bad for him, he is doing the absolute opposite that would be good for his soul.
    In October Saturn will move into Scorpio which is obviously before the election and as soon as it moves in Scorpio it is going to begin its relationship with his Jupiter in early scorpio.
    the black and white nature of scorpio and the 'cut your losses' quality to it makes me wonder if he will see that his proselytise does not work.

  5. Good point about the north node!
    Yeah, messianic fits. Maybe if he was living that north node, he'd be finding a way to be of great service... but he's apparently not doing that. All that Neptune with his ascendant makes him a movie screen for people to project onto. Romney is clearly hoping people will like what they see.
    But that Saturn-Jupiter T-square off his Sun and Venus... potentially very unstable unless he has learned to handle it and incorporate all sides. Tricky.

  6. The fact that this choice happened so close to mercury turned direct has made me wonder about when the offer actually took place. Today I saw that it took place last weekend.

    "For the Romney campaign, Ryan's meeting with Romney, in the dining room of chief vetter Beth Myers last Sunday"

    The offer took place then. An important offer during a retrograde---number 1 no, no during a retrograde. It will be curious how things evolve between now and the time Merc goes out of shadow.

  7. Ooh, very interesting indeed. This could be fun to watch.

  8. palin's sun sign is also in aquarius