Friday, September 28, 2012

Aries Full Moon ---hot, hot, hot, hot

Aries Full Moon

September 29,  2012

11:18pm EDT

7 Aries 22


The Aries full moon is traditionally hot.   For god sakes Aries is the first fire sign of the zodiac.  If it wasn’t hot, it would lose its license to be in the zodiac.    So, while Aries is supposed to be hot, this Full Moon is doubled down in heat.   You know those super white flames that are underneath a rocket when it is launched?   The flames that look like they would hurt your skin if you were standing less than a mile from the launch.  Well,that white heat is this Full Moon.   The rocket fuel boosting this moon comes from the Opposition with the Sun, conjunct with Uranus and Square Pluto.    I indicated back on new moon that the tension would be building towards this weekend’s full moon and I’m sure you already have experienced the heat.    I know I have felt it.   I won’t go into details but let’s say earlier this week I raced to an animal shelter to rescue four kittens that were taken there (unbeknownst to me) and by the time I got to the shelter  they had been euthanized.    Sigh.     Yes, I have a planet at 8 degrees Capricorn so I was totally getting smacked by the Sun/Uranus and Pluto.     And I can feel the Moon continuing to wax now.   And I'm also aware that I live in earthquake country and wondering if there will be a little shaker.   Note to self: find valerian root.


Anyway, this moon is going to bring up issues where we may have no control.   And the answer is to remind ourselves that we have no control and in that environment we should not lose sight of our personal goals (Aries is as personal as it gets).   But we must also stay away from any entanglements (Square).   Break free and don’t get involved (Uranus)  and see if you feel liberated (Pluto) as you tell yourself, “Oh yeah, this is not my business”.   It doesn’t mean you have turn cold and not relate (Libra) but just take care of yourself without getting too attached.    Back to me, I was super sad about the kittens.   But the situation came to my attention late and as soon as I heard I was on it but alas it was too late.   There wasn’t anything I could do for those kittens so I took the time to inform everyone to never go to a shelter again with young kittens.   I also donated money to two charities who rescue cats and then I continued on my business of taking care of my life.    I didn’t lose it.   I didn’t let it defeat me.  I didn’t get into the weeds.     I did what I could and I carried on.    


Now, having said that, I do need to say that there are some people probably those with a personal planet at  7-9 degrees of cardinal sign who are going to lose it with people. And that is not necessarily bad especially if people have been walking all over them or taking advantage of them.   That is why god created these tough full moons so people can get pissed off enough to make real moves.  


Even if it gets hard, stay focused and we’ll all get to where we need to get.  


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