Sunday, September 23, 2012

The Week Ahead

On Saturday, those of us in the Northern Hemisphere moved into Fall and our friends in Southern Hemisphere are welcoming spring.  Happy shout out to my friends in Argentina!  (Get the sunscreen, Corina).  

Of course, even though the Sun has moved into Libra we are still in Virgo Lunar Cycle so we need to continue to do the hard detailed work (we perhaps have not done all year) that would benefit our lives.   Pressure this week will push us to get our 'details on'.

This is a week where we will need to get our bearings.  Especially during the Gibbous phase when tensions build between the Sun and Uranus and Pluto.   Unique pressures, high tense situations will be around us and perhaps on some of us but if we remember to break any issue into small tasks we can get through it.  

The week starts off with a first quarter of moon.

Focus on:   What actions are you taking that speak to your executive abilities?  What about your daily schedule and daily routines makes you your own CEO?  Are you working for others or are you working for you?   How are you refining your management style and how will it impact your daily life?  

Then we move into Gibbous Moon
September 26 4:51 am EDT

Focus on:    Who is your crowd and how do they support your daily activity?  What goals are being shared with others?    Where are you brilliant?  How are you breaking a mold?  How can you refine your daily life that brings in unique new approaches? 
9/26: Mercury Trine Jupiter:  Big thoughts and big words.  Great ideas make great bridges.

9/27: Venus square Mars:  Warring over resources and values.  

9/29: Sun oppose Uranus:  Waiting for others versus going it alone.  There is value in doing both but what is harder?  That might be the right path.

9/29: Sun square Pluto:  Making a move like an executive versus standing by and letting others leading. 

Later on Saturday the 29th is full moon.  Expect that post later this week.

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