Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Democratic Convention

Democratic Party Chart

May 13, 1792

Philadelphia PA


Last week was the Republican National Convention.  And from the looks of it, it seemed everyone had a good time including an empty chair.  Now it is time for the Democratic Convention to take place this week. 


A few days before the Republican Convention I put up the Republican Party Chart.   Here is the Demo chart.


Over at NeptuneCafe there is an excellent write up on how the date was chosen.   

It is all about Thomas Jefferson and Alexander Hamilton who were both hot heads.  Jefferson an Aries (no shit) and Hamilton a Capricorn (no shit times two).  And Jefferson with Moon in Sag versus Hamilton with Moon in Virgo---oh, where to begin on how these two fought!?!


Nevertheless, Hamilton and Jefferson were the leaders of the Federalists and the Anti-Federalists, the two main factions divided over the role of government. Hamilton preferred rule by the merchant class, a small but powerful elite that prospered through government favoritism, and that promoted the creation of a central bank. Jefferson was alarmed by this political development and feared a return to Monarchy. He and his followers banded together to form an opposing group to represent states' rights and the agrarian segment of society which constituted the vast majority of the population. Jefferson called his faction the Democratic-Republican Party, later shortened to the Republican Party, but which is actually the foundation of today's Democratic Party.


During the convention transiting Jupiter will be making a sextile with natal Uranus.   Sextiles are positive, fun aspects.  Not as strong as a positive trine but still a good aspect that brings joy and fun and Sparks.   I personally like a sextile a bit more than a trine because although I love gifts just as much as the next person and those can come with trines, there is something to be said for a good old fashion Spark to ignite something.  And sextiles are sparks.     Uranus in Leo getting a boost from Jupiter puts the emphasis on Self-respect and  self-esteem or pride.   Although any tendency to exaggerate (Jupiter) should be quelled.  This Jupiter sextile Uranus aspect will repeat again during the week of the election in November which supports something positive from this convention having legs in November.       


There are a couple other aspects in September that are building during the week of the convention that  also influence the chart.   Jupiter semi square Venus.   Astrology 101 would make this a love problem aspect especially if it was chart of a human and not an organization.    There will be a lot of rhetoric out there from the people who hate the democrats both as individuals and the party.  Plus hatred for their candidate, President Obama will be very loud.     There will be some sloppiness at the convention.  Venus is also the planet of money and values.   There will probably be some kind of hit around cash.  Perhaps it is just hard core reality that the GOP will have more successful fundraising efforts in their convention afterglow.     Or it might be more bad news about the economy.  The aspect is exact on September 14th.  Curious to see how it plays out.      


There is also Saturn conjunct Neptune exact on September 13th.    A message of hope will not come out of this convention.   It is not good enough.   A plan based on hope will be better received.   The negative take on this aspect is cold water on visions.   The positive take on the conjunction is concrete plans based on a vision of good for all.   Will the case be made next week for the current administration fall on welcoming ears?  Or will it be a case of fuzzy thinking that leaves others cold?   Depends on the message.  


One aspect that is in favor of the Democratic chart is Saturn trine Moon.   It is exact on September 22.  There will be one more round of it in March.   This aspect supports women.   My sense is that the convention will be filled with women who the public relates to and is responsive towards.   Because this aspect repeats in March I’m inclined to think that the Woman vote in November will support Democrats.  However, having said that I do need to point out that Saturn will be opposing Venus again in October.   Like the Moon, Venus also rules women.  So, perhaps there will be a push back from Women.  But my own feeling is that this aspect with Venus similar to the Jupiter semisquare Venus on September 14 is just more NOT good news about money.    Or even real estate.   


Looking ahead there is a powerful square aspect between transiting pluto and natal pluto.   There were two hits earlier in the year, Feb & June.   It is yucky.   The final hit is in December.   It is rough.   If this was a person I would remind them that they are not done transforming themselves.   Maybe Obama wins the presidency but the house and senate go to the GOP.  What will that mean?    I dunno.    But there is an overhaul with Pluto Square Pluto.    It is interesting that the GOP chart also had overhaul aspects after the November election.    Something will be heard by both sides.   Interesting.


In April 2013 the final aspect between Jupiter and Uranus will take place.  Remember hit one is in September near the convention, hit two is a couple days before the election and here is the final hit in April.     Perhaps a big healing will emerge and both parties will get some real work done.    

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