Saturday, September 15, 2012

Virgo New Moon---In the House!

Virgo New Moon
September 15 10:10pm EDT

Omg!  I got it up just in time!! 
In about 45 minutes it will be Virgo New Moon and I made it.   Lordy, please never make it 100 degrees again the three days before New Moon.   It takes forever to do anything in this weather.  Anyway, it is going to be a VERY powerful 28 days.   No shit.     Take care of the details.    Stay focused but at the same time adaptable.    We have huge shifts and movements this cycle but the best way to capitalize on these changes is to keep it to the practical.  

As always you can find the whole article HERE.

But here is a snippet.  Got to link for the full article. 

Virgo: Fix it Master

Here at the end of summer many of us are looking around at our world and undoubtedly saying, “What a dump!”


Our houses, spouses, neighborhood, work, relationships, bodies---everywhere we look we see something that needs fixing.    


And why not?  This is has been a tough summer; two Gemini lunar cycles frazzled our brains.  Followed by a highly emotional Cancer cycle, a fiery Leo phase punctuated with two full moons.   And acting like the summer’s worst book ends we had the first square between Uranus and Pluto on June 24th and the second Uranus Pluto square comes a few days from now on September 18th.     That is a whole bunch of ‘strum and drang’ and many of us feel like we’ve been a hurricane, tornado or earthquake, all we want to do is fix the mess.  “Did someone say fix stuff?”   Virgo New Moon to the rescue! 


Virgo is an earth sign and responds to things that are practical and consistent.  Virgo rules daily activities, schedules and calendars.  It is the part of us that is disciplined out of habit.   It is our hygiene and our diet.  Thanks to Virgo we all brush our teeth every morning.   Virgo is beautiful when it supports routines and schedules that improve our life and our world.       “How can I help?” is Virgo’s most important sentence.  Not for the person they help but for the soul of the Virgo.  Being of service speaks to Virgo’s Raison d’etre.


The downside of Virgo is that they are overly critical.  They pick at their lovers, their friends, their family, constantly wiping imaginary lint off the worlds’ suit.   Oh, how we all cringe when Virgo lets us know that whatever we have done is not perfect enough.   Their other low spot is when they are completely removed from spirituality.   Their nervous energy is almost as legendary as their criticalness.  They can get wound up tight especially when they don’t have a strong connection to spirit.   And sure, I love science as much as the next person but for many a Virgo, they demand proof before they believe anything.   For them if you can’t see it, smell it, hear it, taste it or feel it---then it doesn’t exist.    Not much space for miracles when one’s vision is that narrow.    


Luckily this Virgo New Moon we should be able to work with the elevated Virgo energy all cycle.  By showing discipline, dedication and commitment on a daily level we can take care of business and make important changes in our life.       


“Conjunction junction what’s your function?” 

On this Virgo new moon the Sun and the Moon are in conjunction with Mercury which means all three planets are working as a team.  For the Sun and the Moon this is a boon given Virgo’s ruling planet is Mercury.  “Huh, what does that mean?”  Imagine you are renting an apartment and instead of living far away, the landlord lives next door.   He’s not off in Yonkers he’s right next door when your pipe bursts or someone knocks over the trashcan.  He is there to help fix the mess.   Like a landlord, having Mercury in conjunction with the Sun and Moon in Virgo should help us fly straight all cycle.  If we have to quickly make a change to stay on a task we can do it.   Mercury is sharp, clear, clever and adaptable.      If there is a hurdle Mercury will come up with a way to get us through!

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