Monday, July 8, 2019

This Week In Astrology

Good Morning,

It is a bit of a bumpy week.   

This week starts off with Mercury retrograde and in opposition to warrior mars.  Words could get hot the beginning of the week.  What kind of new thinking is trying to emerge? In the lunar crescent phase we tap self -confidence and creativity.   Then, 
Sun and Saturn give us all a vertebrae adjustment.  Feelings come up that illuminate areas that need work and structure. 

We move into first quarter moon on the 9thwhere the accent is on relationships.  Partners share emotions, which may need actions in response.   On Wednesday the sun and the node unite, again speaking to deep emotions that could emerge.  Dismiss emotions at your own peril.    Also, on Wednesday, Neptune brings gentleness, which will calm some of the agitation from earlier in the week.   At the end of the week, Mars and Uranus tangle.  Out of the blue aggression or risky actions can be at play.   Real estate and finances could get wonky. Take extra care on the roads.   On the 12thwe move into Gibbous phase where we tap into our emotions and focus on goals.  Either goals that have already existed or new ones that need immediate attention.   On the 14thSun opposes Pluto, an annual event, issues of power at conflict with emotions.  Work vs family.   Accent on transformation.   The only way out-- is through.   

Crescent Moon Phase
July 5, 2019
7:24pm PDT  

Focus on: What are your feelings telling you about the information you are learning about your strength?  What are you learning about loyalty?  What are you learning about pride?  What are you learning about the power of creativity?   What are you learning about the power of being bold and out there? 

Special Focus
7/8 Mercury conjunct Mars.  Sparring words.  Getting into verbal tussles or changing thoughts with razor sharp exactness.  
7/9 Sun oppose Saturn.  Making a plan and following it.   Letting emotions guide the responsible thing to do.  

First Quarter Moon 
July 9, 2019
3:54am PDT 

Focus on:  What are your emotions telling you about the actions you should take that support your relationships?  What actions are you taking that speak to your ability to find balance?   What actions are you taking that address where you feel ‘out of whack’? 

Special Focus:
7/9: Sun conjunct north node.  Emotions speak to us about important matters that we may have ignored.   Work above emotions could have cost more than it should. 
7/10: Sun trine Neptune.   Feelings that speak to humanitarian causes.   Emotions that speak to creativity and faith.  Spirituality matters perhaps brought to family.  
7/11: Mars square Uranus.  Battles over ego.  Over money. Over property.  Over control.    Remember, in order to win a war you gotta lose a few battles.   

Gibbous Moon
July 12, 2019 
5:57pm PDT 

Focus on:  How do your feelings indicate where you need to stretch?   How are your emotions telling you to refine your goals?  

Special focus
7/14 Sun oppose Pluto.  Once a year aspect where we go in deep and make peace with power.  Are we at odds with power (players)?  Or are we disconnected from our own power and see enemies everywhere?  What’s the move?  Go in deep and transform your emotions.  

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