Friday, November 21, 2008

Sag New Moon---It is here!

As many of you know, I generate a New Moon report every month. That report can be found on Margaret Wendt's Website.

I will post a taste of it here but you can find the whole report on her website here. Please read the whole thing---there is a lot going on with this Moon and I want you to get all the goods!

Where should my focus be during this next 28-day cycle?
For twenty
eight days you have the opportunity to look off in the future for new
directions, new lands to conquer, new roads to follow and new actions which will
take you to the promise land. Of course, “promise” as defined by

A High Octane Vision

always, in a new moon, The Sun and the Moon are in conjunction which means they
are on top of each other –however with this new moon there is an extra perk--on
top of the Sun and Moon are Mercury and Mars. That’s quite a party. What
this means in broad strokes is that the Sun, our identity, the Moon, our
emotions, Mercury, our brains and Mars, our warrior are all united in visionary
Sag. At first glance, it might not seem like a big deal having Mars and
Mercury on top of the Sun and Moon. But if you step back and widen the
lens you will see it is quite significant.

For the last fourteen years, Pluto,
arguably the most powerful planet in the zodiac, has been slogging through
Sagittarius causing as much mayhem (some of it subterranean) as
possible. But now it has moved out of Sag and into the austere,
reserved, cautious Capricorn. What makes this curious is that the
move by Pluto happened about fifteen hours before the Sag New Moon.
And, not to be outdone by mighty Pluto, Uranus also made a significant move by
switching from retrograde to a direct motion less than One hour before the New
Moon. In my book, to have these two powerful shifts occur before the
Sag Moon is downright auspicious.

Remember, Pluto could have
made its final move from Sag into Cap on any date of the year. It could
have happened in May, perhaps the crescent cycle of Taurus. Or it could
have happened on the first quarter of Virgo. But no, Pluto made the move
out of Sag during the balsamic phase of Scorpio just a few hours before the SAG
NEW MOON! It almost felt like Sag, no longer burdened by Pluto, is gifted
with the New Moon conjunct Mars and Mercury as if to say, “Hey the old ball and
chain has finally left my life, Let’s party!”

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